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Analysts reveal why Beijing is going after Russian gas

Energy-hungry China is reportedly looking to boost its purchases of natural gas from Russia due to the ongoing trade row with Canberra, which may put at risk deliveries from Australia, China’s number one gas supplier. China, the world’s largest natural gas consumer, heavily relies on energy imports. In 2020, the …

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Is the US really going to ban Russians from buying iPhones?

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Going out in style: converted Tesla hearse makes its debut

The electric hearse, called the ‘Wisper’ (sic), produces zero emissions and will operate across almost 60 funeral branches run by the Portsmouth-based company Southern Co-op. The catafalque is reportedly being recharged at its sites using electricity from renewable sources. The service vehicle, measuring around 5.8 meters [19 feet] in length, …

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Taliban going back on its word, US & allies say

The short communiqué warns those now in power in Afghanistan that, if confirmed, the killings would “constitute serious human rights abuses and contradict the Taliban’s announced amnesty.” Washington has called on the de facto Afghan government to “effectively enforce the amnesty for former members of the Afghan security forces and …

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Is Russia going to invade Ukraine?

Scares about imminent Russian invasions of Ukraine – and the apocalyptic conflict between East and West they would trigger – come and go on a regular basis. Sometimes it’s the Ukrainians who cry wolf, sometimes it’s somebody else. The last major war panic was back in the spring of this year …

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WHO admits Covid-19 is not going anywhere

Speaking during an interview with Spain’s La Vanguardia newspaper, Kluge warned that the international health body is not able to declare an end to the pandemic while there is still a risk that health systems may be unable to cope with a spike in case numbers. “We have to learn …

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