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Where did Putin know about money?

Откуда Путину знать о деньгах?

When Vladimir Putin talks about real money, not billions budget, and straight living, can not follow the question: how would he know?

The last time Putin lived in the real world no later than August 16, 1999. Since the existence of the head of state, is extremely far from embryonic. You fed, watered, clothed, moved into space in the manner of crystal vases. You don’t live in the real world, money doesn’t exist for you.

Ask me: what is 10 000 rubles in 1999? This question has no simple answer, and no recalculation of inflation is not the answer.

Because, on the one hand, it is a good salary in the region during the year. So much about earning the teacher of the first category with a large load, the headmaster of twenty thousand a year.

For that money you could buy a nice heated garage, allinclusive to go to Turkey or Egypt.

Could 3 333 times to ride on the bus Tagil, 2 500 times on the subway in Moscow. 2 000 times a long lunch in the school cafeteria (i.e., all the training stock).

On the other hand, $300 in 1999 — the price of simple mobile phone “with a connection” (it took some money). Dial-up Internet access cost 30 rubles per hour.

Understand these identities, right? Cell phone = annual salary = garage = Turkey = square meter in Moscow = five years metro = 300 hours Internet.

Like an alien from the days when 42” plasma was worth 100 thousand, and a 42-meter apartment in Moscow, 500 in principle can understand prices and consumption patterns in 2020?

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