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Biden says oil firms make ‘more money than God’

US President Joe Biden took a swipe at oil giant Exxon on Friday, accusing the company of making “more money than God” while Americans suffer at the pumps. However, Exxon says it’s scaling up production, while conservatives blame the high gas prices on Biden’s own policies. Speaking at the Port …

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1 in 6 Germans skipping meals to save money – poll

Nearly one in six Germans have been forced to skip meals regularly in order to make ends meet, according to a poll conducted earlier this week by the Institute for New Social Answers and published on Friday by the newspaper Bild. Another 13% say they fear such a situation if …

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Poland wants more refugee money from EU

Poland reportedly hasn’t received any of the money promised from the EU to help cope with the costs of hosting more than 3 million Ukrainian refugees, and even the funds that have been pledged are paltry relative to the massive influx of people fleeing the former Soviet republic. None of …

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Grandma sells sprouts, sends the money to fighters battling Ukraine’s forces: how Russia’s civil society helps support the Donbass

Many volunteers have headed to the Donbass since Russia’s military offensive began, in February. Once there, some help civilians by bringing groceries, medicine, and other supplies. Others assist by clearing debris or working in hospitals. There is another important task that volunteers are involved in – assisting the troops of the …

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US tells Europe to give more money to Ukraine

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen called on Tuesday for the US’ allies to pay Ukrainian wages and rebuild infrastructure in the war-torn country. Deeming the billions of dollars already committed by the US and Europe insufficient to keep Ukraine afloat, Yellen declared that Kiev will eventually need “massive support” on the …

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Swiss bank reveals how much Russian money it holds

Swiss bank UBS is holding roughly $22 billion in invested assets for Russian clients. The figure was unveiled in the bank’s latest quarterly report on Tuesday. The money belongs to Russian residents potentially affected by sanctions placed on Moscow by the EU and Switzerland in connection with Russia’s military operation …

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