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When a nation becomes a victim of political processes

Когда нация становится жертвой политических процессов

Political strategists, serving the interests of ruling elites of Western countries, seeking to translate the aggression from the material space in the information

Neglect and underestimation of information warfare for any country is a disaster. The fact that only a few countries of the world community have the opportunity of doing it, becomes dangerous to the parity of forces. Here’s what you need to think hard, in addition to the Olympic games.

The beginning of the XXI century has been characterized by the emergence of a new kind of war in which victory is achieved not through the destruction of the armed forces and the economy of the enemy, and by acting on his moral and mental state.

If you adhere to the classification of wars from the point of view of changing social formations and technologies, currently, we have entered the era of the wars of the seventh generation – awareness-network, which was the result of the following factors: development of computer technology and communications that have led to the increasing role of information in society on the effectiveness of its influence surpassed many of the financial resources; the success of psychology in the study of behavior of people and control their motivations, allowing you to have a specified impact on large groups of people; development of non-lethal means, replacing traditional weapons.


Hidden but effective threat

Traditional war against the States possessing nuclear weapons in our time are very dangerous. Modern political strategists, serving the interests of ruling elites of Western countries, seeking to translate the aggression from the material space in information. First and foremost is a reorientation or the destruction of the traditional values of the people to information attack from the outside was perceived by the society as relevant to his quest for progress. External aggression in the mass consciousness takes the form of a civilizational transformation of a backward society, others who were at a higher stage of development.

Technology network wars was well established already during the cold war as a form of total destruction geopolitical enemy. Information network warfare is to undermine with subsequent destruction of the basic characteristics of the nation, carried out mainly in a latent form. Depending on the specific tasks of the impact on the enemy is this portion of his public life may become a priority target of aggression.

The purpose of information and network war is to consolidate the greater part of the strategically important resources of the country for geopolitical aggressor. The “transfer” of these resources to the aggressor is the elite of the country-victims are largely voluntary, as it is perceived not as gripping, and as the path to development. This creates difficulty in detection technologies and methods, information network warfare compared to the traditional, and lack a timely response to the actions of the aggressor as the victim is not provided any measures to counteract them. If the results of “hot” wars with being challenged and revised (examples are the First and the Second world war), the results of the information-network war are not subject to review until then, as long as the authors aggressors do not lose their positions.

Signs of attack

How will lost these positions, is currently unclear. The complexity of the issue is that the front information network warfare is in the mental space of human society, which already was a replacement of the basic values of the nation-victim on attitudes and myths of the aggressor. Mass consciousness is unable to timely recognize the fact of implantation of the mental viruses. While the political and cultural elite, became the object of information-network war, not having sufficient skills to identify information aggression and the organization of adequate resistance network of the enemy, doomed to a crushing geopolitical defeat.

In fact, the information network war connected almost all public institutions, primarily the media and religious organizations, cultural institutions, non-governmental organizations, social movements, financed from abroad. Even scientists working on foreign grants, contribute to the destruction of the state. All of them implement the so-called distributed attack, causing numerous damaging point blows at the social system of the country under the slogans of democracy and human rights.

Thanks to modern politics and experience of influence on mass consciousness of the genocide of the population can be carried out without the use of gas chambers and mass executions. It is enough to create conditions for fertility decline and increased mortality.

Another feature of the information-network war is the lack of a rigid hierarchy in the network structure of the aggressor. This is due to its heterogeneity, reflected in the significant autonomy of public and private elements of the structure, where there are pronounced vertical linkages, but there are numerous horizontal, the effect of which is irregular. The absence of hierarchy and the regularity of interaction makes it difficult to clearly identify the existence and activities of such networks.

Driving forces

Source of energy for the considered network structures, we can say “fuel” is the information that they contain, as a kind of “fuses” – the owners of the nodal points. Examples are servers social networking Facebook and Twitter, under the control of U.S. intelligence.

As reported by The Guardian, the U.S. has already carried out advocacy using Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. The control center of this program is the air force base “MacDill” in Florida, where it employs 50 operators, each of which controls approximately 10 agents of influence, registered in various countries around the world and leading the information war on all the rules of political technologies of destruction.

The cost of this program, according to British Newspapers, is estimated at 2.76 million dollars, providing for each of those soldiers of the information war the compelling legends of protection from exposure. According to the press-Secretary of the Central command of the armed forces of the United States bill Speaks any impact on the American audience against the rules, which precluded the use of the English language. The information is presented only in Arabic, Urdu, Pashto, Farsi and some other languages depending on the target countries.

Identification and qualification of acts of information warfare are the tasks of the security services of each state who are concerned about their safety. This is especially important due to the undeveloped nature of the aggression she is not accepted by society as a direct threat to the existence of the state. The expert community and the security services must exercise these threats, explaining to them the leadership of the country for appropriate action.

The scope and methods

The struggle is in the following areas: geographical – for the establishment of territorial control by the global (including space) information and intelligence systems are encouraged separatist movements and terrorist activities in various forms in enemy territory, the involvement of the enemy in low-intensity conflicts, as well as the organization of civil unrest and the “color revolutions”; economic – by means of imposing to the opponent of bonded loans, the embargo, the organization of economic sanctions and provocations; ideological – by slander, misrepresentation, substitution of concepts, make mental viruses and myths in the consciousness of the population of the enemy; network due to hacker attacks and the introduction of computer viruses in the computing and communications systems and databases.

Whatever the ultimate goal of information and network warfare, the next challenge is always the difficulty of public access to reliable information. The importance of this is because the speed and quality of decisions at all levels are directly dependent on the completeness and accuracy of the information provided.

The main methods of information confrontation.

1. The concealment of critical information about the state of Affairs in this region.

2. Dive valuable information on an array of so-called information collection in accordance with the principle of “Hide a leaf in the forest.”

3. Substitution of concepts or distortion of their meaning.

4. Distraction by minor events.

5. The use of concepts that at the hearing of the audience, but don’t have not only definitions, but also significance.

6. The flow of negative information, which is better perceived by the audience than positive.

7. Reference to the factors devoid of any real meaning, but also on flawed sociological and marketing research.

8. The introduction of taboos on certain types of information, despite their being well-known. This is done in order to avoid extensive discussions critical for certain structures of issues and topics.

9. Outright lies to avoid a negative reaction of the population and the foreign community.

10. In the Arsenal of information warfare there are tools such as “information bomb” and “information mine”. First is the detonator of an avalanche build-up process in society, while the second is laid in advance and activated during the beginning of the process to bring it to its logical conclusion. “Information mines” were leaks from the government or from sites such as Wikileaks.

A typical example of the use of technology information and network wars are the rebellion of the masses in the Middle East. If in the case of Tunisia and Egypt, these technologies were not sufficiently manifested, in Libya held a “dress rehearsal” wars of the seventh generation. The Libyan “revolution” appeared on the screens of the world media as a simulator, ochotorena “a copy without an original”, which was filed by global media without any correlation with reality, but in strict accordance with the script written by Western political technologists.

Provoked by the “revolutionary” performance information attacks from social networks Facebook and Twitter, Arab society has caused a revolutionary wave in the middle East. The explosion on the Arab streets has shown that social networks have become a “fuse” for the turbulent atmosphere of the Middle East. In almost all countries involved in this whirl of events, the protest “flash mob” was organized by broadcast messages about upcoming rallies and protests through social networks, email and mobile phones. It should be remembered that the control servers of the global electronic networks Facebook, Twitter, Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail are in the USA and controlled by us intelligence agencies. This allows you to dispatch messages to a pre-chosen “clients” – their agents of influence in the Arab East, who on a signal from the outside is collected in the right time in the right place a critical mass of people using the so-called word of mouth.

The people of the Arab street, most of them know nothing about the Internet, social networks, and often without computers and cell phones, ready to break the Windows, burn cars and throw rocks at the police, because I felt the opportunity to get even with the powers that be over the poverty to which they doomed the ruling regimes. Security information subjected to the invasion of the States were powerless to resist violence in a new form of organization of the protest movement, which immediately become an avalanche, uncontrollable nature. It turned out that it was impossible to foresee the beginning of the riots, as the sources of distribution of inflammatory messages and the disabling of access to the Internet and mobile communications after the riots, nothing was decided, as the process acquired the character of a forest fire.

Social support

The modern world is explosive is saturated with people who have very negarmonizirovannie inner world. “The young lumpen” as they are called sociologists, lumpen mass with undeveloped social roots, without a clear moral concepts and political points. The activity of such elements in everyday life extends from the ordinary fevers to speculation on the stock and currency markets. With the growth of a revolutionary situation they have increased anti-systemic protest the charge, developing on the background of unrealized ambitions.

So in the case of self-immolation of Mohammed Bouazizi – the Tunisian young man with higher education, forced to sell vegetables. These people are in constant search for his place in life, essentially are puppets, falling under the influence of social networks, sentiment or the ideology of radical movements. And if they have no inner moral core, it is impossible to imagine what motives will prevail in the next moment.

Covering such events, the media and social networks even more aggravate the situation of mass psychosis. Contribute footage cameras cell phones unknown and no one knows where the reports of numerous victims fallen at the hands of government forces, but not shown “on humanitarian grounds”, allegedly reporting from rebel-occupied cities, indiscriminate firing of anti-aircraft guns to demonstrate the situation of the fighting, the debris allegedly downed aircraft government aircraft bombed rebel, “transition” to the people of Gaddafi’s son, the flight of the Libyan diplomats in the United States and France. However, if you look closely, you can see that the media played a virtual war, edited and retouched on computers and inserted into the virtual space as information of gum to justify the sanctions of the UN Security Council.

If Tunisia and Egypt were the first samples overseas Directors this pseudo-performance, that Libya is the first real combat operation of the global information-network war of the West against objectionable regimes. If in the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq, Washington is using all means and methods of a global redivision of the world, aiming at the change of leadership in countries that are of strategic interest for the United States, the States of the Middle East, the West initiates the bringing to power a new generation of leaders that would replace those who were educated in the Soviet Union – Western technocrats formation and Western mentality that are designed to strengthen the position of the United States with simultaneous displacement of the region of the greater Middle East, China, the EU and Russia. This is an example of attempts to implement the information and networking strategy of “controlled chaos”, which was a new means of preserving U.S. global leadership with minimal financial costs, except costs for extension of aircraft carriers to the coast of Libya and the costs of the global economy from higher oil prices.

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