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“Levada-center”: one third of Russians think political protests

The survey “Levada-center” showed that 29% of Russian citizens admit the possibility of protests. Personally participate in them are willing 19% of respondents, writes “Interfax”. According to the study, 30% of Russians do not exclude the carrying out of protest actions with requirements of socio-economic nature. In particular, people are …

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No country, political parties have

No country, political parties have We in Russia national symbol, it is a strange two-headed eagle, which disgraced many people eliminated the 3 empires – the Assyrian, Byzantine, Russian and using someone else’s symbols, you can’t expect her luck, and even more proud of it, and to violate the Constitution. …

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When a nation becomes a victim of political processes

Political strategists, serving the interests of ruling elites of Western countries, seeking to translate the aggression from the material space in the information Neglect and underestimation of information warfare for any country is a disaster. The fact that only a few countries of the world community have the opportunity of …

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About our political childishness

Reverent remembrance about “how the steel was tempered” In 1948, The strongest religious feeling, as mine, and my friends, was the Love of comrade Stalin, of Soviet patriotism and collectivism. Any person was estimated by us primarily, in the alternative, the “Our – Not ours”. The category of “Not our” …

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The best political cartoons of the year

These cartoons are remembered around the world. The drafters of the Economist chose the most current cartoons that, in their opinion, could not be better describe 2017. So, every week the magazine publishes an illustrated review from editorial cartoonist Kevin Calloway known as KAL.

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