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Parkland shooting victim’s parents reanimate son’s image via AI urging viewers to vote for gun control – ‘because he can’t’

The 17-year-old Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting victim was brought back to life digitally via artificial-intelligence software on Friday to promote voting for politicians who support gun control legislation, with the help of his parents – a reincarnation some felt was in questionable taste. Parents Patricia and Manuel Oliver’s nonprofit, …

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When a nation becomes a victim of political processes

Political strategists, serving the interests of ruling elites of Western countries, seeking to translate the aggression from the material space in the information Neglect and underestimation of information warfare for any country is a disaster. The fact that only a few countries of the world community have the opportunity of …

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“Breathe, the earth burns, there are already the victim”

Sought asylum in Canada, the inhabitants of Kuzbass misleading about “the land of fire” — burning coal Residents of the Kuzbass city of Kiselevsk, sought asylum in Canada because of unbearable living conditions, reported numerous underground fires that began to occur near coal mines surrounding the town. According to them, …

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