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Vitamins laugh: funny jokes for lovers of bizarre humor

Витамины смеха: смешные приколы для любителей странного юмораSmile on health!

There is a special category jokes – a sort of layer between the hard sarcasm and good humor.

But these several strange things sometimes prove to be very successful.

The recruit on the Committee. On the question of what his education, he proudly replied:
— I was trained in Bristol, Los Angeles, Columbia and Harvard universities, have a bachelor of Economics!
The Chairman of the draft Board said:
— Okay, okay, that’s enough bat here! Note: the recruit is able to read and write.

Meet two friends:
— You that such sad?
Yeah, the wife keeps nagging saying that I do not get even in the top billion list of some Forbes.

— Your heart is beating so often. You want to tell me something important?
— Doctor, stop to laugh at my tach!

— Honey, we need to talk about very serious things. I see that you don’t love me anymore, and do everything for show.
Oh, so you know everything? Yeah, I don’t love you anymore, sorry. And Check we are all very serious.

Son of a banker Rabinovich swallowed a gold coin. Three days later, the banker calls the doctor.
— Why didn’t you call me? — surprised the doctor.
Rabinovich proudly:
— I didn’t want people to think that the coin I need urgently!

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