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Network laugh VAZ-2112 in avtonomera

Car was brought from Lithuania. As we already wrote about the fact that from Europe to Ukraine carry not only Opel, BMW and Audi. Sometimes Lanos, Vases and Gases can also be found on the “plates”! Why, it is not surprising – in the Old world, these cars can be …

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Network laugh treatment “residents of Donbass” to Zelensky

Among the “residents of Donbass” were the stars of “Game of thrones”. In the Internet appeared the website, which published an appeal by the alleged “residents of Donbass” to President Vladimir Zelensky with the requirement to provide the occupied territories autonomy. “We, the people of Donbass, to demand from the …

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Network laugh the dog, exhausted after a long walk

The dog has found an original way out. When Amanda Kasenberg from Evergreen (Colorado, USA) went camping, she forgot to take her dog Hudson. A long and interesting walk so tired animal that on the way back it fell asleep in incredible pose, sticking his head out the car window. …

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Adviser to Putin laugh a ridiculous statement about the Donbass

The land of Donbass supposedly inhabit the immigrants from Israel. Advisor to the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, Sergei Glazyev, said that the new Ukrainian government headed by elected President Vladimir Zelensky is Russian attempt “to settle the Donbass Jews.” He noted that East Ukraine “will be cleansed” from Russian. “Perhaps …

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Network laugh Koala, emits funny sounds

Not all know how “sound” these animals. Many viewers watched this video, filmed in the zoo of Ohio (USA), admitted that he will never be able to look at the koalas as cute and pretty. The sounds that we hear, suggest the thought of belching, pigs, boars, donkeys hoarse, and …

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