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Jokes from the polls

Hi all.We all know about such organizations as VTSIOM. All-Russian Center Of Public Opinion Research.Which publishes its research,looking at which raises many questions.Because I don’t believe in their results,their results can be trusted if you sit in the apartment and not to leave the house,and not see the real situation …

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Twenty years in power, Putin jokes

Russian people love to joke. Even when he seemingly no longer a laughing matter. And over those with whom to be trifled. Ninth August 1999 Vladimir Putin was declared the head of government and presidential successor. During this time he had a lot to do. Milestones of Putin’s rule quite …

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Formal positive: a fresh batch of jokes

No day without a smile. Let your evening will be filled with positive energy. 75% of drivers are constantly talking or arguing with your Navigator. Off the Internet for ten minutes: I saw that the autumn had studied the rooms in the apartment, met his parents, learned that I have …

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Positive jokes that laugh at the end of the day

Finish your day bright and cheerful Positive emotions are very important to humans, so regularly need to replenish the good mood of fun anecdotes. If you have started to feel that something is wrong and sad thoughts overwhelmed with ever greater force, try not to stay in this state for …

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Ukrainian politicians, know a lot of jokes

It is important to be able to laugh at themselves. April 1 is celebrated worldwide international day of laughter. Someone from the Ukrainian politicians know how to joke, some don’t. We have collected the jokes of politicians, as well as a couple of all your favorite “blunders”. The President of …

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Formal positive: more choice jokes on Sunday

No day without a smile. Killer jokes for a good mood in the evening. – Thank you, doctor, that you have cured me of megalomania. Now I the person absolutely unsurpassed, fantastic, you might say, a phenomenal modesty!.. I hate when you are a magical pink fairy, and all around …

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