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Ukrainian “rhinos” or why do I care about the fate of the Square

The classic “theater of the absurd” by French playwright Eugene Ionesco is a great play “Rhinoceros”. Read at your leisure, and I’ll tell the story briefly. Imagine a lazy summer afternoon in a small provincial town. Ordinary people, sitting in a cafe, discussing the local news, when suddenly the street past them, destroying everything in its path, carried by a rhinoceros. All, of course, scared and wondering where did that animal. Rhino soon caught and imprisoned in a cage, life went on as usual, but after a few days on the streets already raced a couple of huge brown rhinos. More – more – rhinos multiplied and shit until the townspeople found out that they are decent and nice neighbors suddenly transform into rhinos. Nothing like ? This Eugene Ionesco describes the development of fascism in France. Yes, don’t be surprised in the land of croissants and champagne were a lot of collaborators, or how Hitler was able to take it 42 days ? But now it’s not about that…

Lately, I often hear from the screens and from the Internet out of the question that “I’m sick of this Ukraine.” “how can?”, etc. Hear from the “libertarian” community and from friends. In General, I can agree – a bit too much about “mother” but…

Imagine that you have on the landing is going to settle this here “yaniskoski” Rhino. No, not marginal, hard drinking and arranging fights, not a drug addict, not “moths”, and the Rhino, in an expensive brown jacket and red tie, which will not be peeing under the door and yell in the morning “Oh frost, frost”. He first looks askance at you if you, God forbid, the wrong nationality, then you will no longer like him, because I do not go to rallies with the same “rhinoceros”, as he is, and then… then he starts to plant, rape, kill… Fascism is a plague a disease, serious illness of society, the essence of which lies in one thing – hatred to others. Other nationality, faith, skin color, shape of the skull. The disease, which, according to the infected, treated only one – the creation of an enemy that must be destroyed. Because if there is no “other”, then you will hate nobody.

I believe the TV half Internet percent, twenty-five, but the real people believe “one hundred”. In the early nineties I had an associate in business (sold shoes), a native of Western Ukraine, more precisely, from Ivano-Frankivsk. I came to visit him year, I think in ‘ 93. even then, in the center of town is always going to, as they were called local, “ruhnuli” comrades, that is the nationalists. But their motion is not greatly increased and multiplied – and affected relations with Russia, worked in the country for the future of Mordor, and the mentality was still Soviet, not etched ideas of “independence” and “Europeanization”. Our business collapsed, a companion returned home, but did not stay long there – went first to Canada, then settled in Spain. The relationship I have with him, despite everything that remained. So, what he began to tell after the Maidan about their own friends (many of whom worked at the firm) I was a little shocked. One of them had to go to the ATO and now, after the wound is ready to cut the “Muscovites” in all the corners. Another tie at the party field and wants Lavrov whether a Chop, whether Turchynov. In fairness, I must say that adequate still more, but “rhinoceros” breed, and the worst thing is that “nosorogi”, that is, small rhinos are brought up in absolute hatred of Russia. Someone will say: “Well, it’s the Ukrainians, they have always hated us !” Yes. But that’s the idea from there, like the ivy, spread throughout the Square. Slowly and surely… the Fascism in Germany has absorbed the Germans, too, not immediately, but he won. Won without TV, Internet, and cellular communication.

Now about geography. The distance between Belgorod (Russia) and Kharkov (Ukraine) about one hundred kilometers. I sometimes go fishing. The size of our country it’s not even a door in the stairwell, and is almost neighbours “communal” ! That’s why I care about events in Ukraine, and more precisely, the growing power of Nazism. Nazism, which maintained power, because power is afraid of her, and with the arrival of the team SEE nothing has changed. Smoothed out some corners, but the essence remained the same.

I have a son, many of you also have sons. You want to they went to war with the “rhinos” ? I don’t. Maybe I can’t do anything with it all to do, but I can’t help but Express their point of view. And for the record:

“The African Rhino. Fearful, however, a very dangerous mammal. Weight is second only to elephants. Speeds up to 30 miles per hour, so running from it will not work. Listed in the Red Book. Totally exterminated in the last century because of the value of their horns. Each year, they killed up to a dozen careless hikers and hunters”

P. S. at the time of writing, no real Rhino not injured.

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