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US ‘blind’ to Ukrainian terrorism – Zakharova to RT

The US created the “regime” of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, as such it is expected that Washington will ignore Kiev’s terrorist tactics in its conflict with Moscow, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has claimed in an interview with RT. The US condemns terrorism carried out by Palestinian militant movement Hamas, but condones Kiev, Zakharova …

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The Jews and Boris Johnson: Zelensky’s top political ally looks for scapegoats as Ukrainian elites begin to accept the war is lost

A few days ago, President Vladimir Zelensky’s most important political ally David Arakhamia gave a long interview to TV presenter Natalya Moseichuk. Both are heavyweights of Ukraine’s public sphere, with widespread recognition and significant influence. Moseichuk’s main platform is the television channel 1+1. Arakhamia heads the parliamentary faction of the …

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Ukrainian troops report poor command and equipment shortage – Bild

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are plagued by “huge problems” ranging from inadequate command to severe lack of essential military equipment and supplies, German tabloid Bild reported on Monday, citing several soldiers and officers it had talked to. Several told the paper that Kiev’s much-touted summer counteroffensive, which failed to …

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Ukrainian military leadership has no plan for 2024 – senior MP

The Ukrainian military leadership has absolutely no strategic plan for the ongoing conflict with Russia in 2024, Mariana Bezuglaya, the deputy head of the Ukrainian parliament’s security, defense and intelligence committee, said on Sunday. The top brass only want to mobilize tens of thousands of people every month without a …

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At least six dead in Ukrainian missile strike on Donetsk

At least six people were killed and a further 11 injured in Donetsk on Tuesday, when the Russian city was repeatedly subjected to missile attacks by Ukrainian forces. Civilian infrastructure was damaged in several places in the city during the attacks, which came in three waves, Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) …

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Ukrainian refugees in Germany prefer benefits to work – Spiegel

Ukrainian refugees living in Germany have not begun to find jobs more quickly despite the conditions created by the government for their integration into society, Der Spiegel reported on Saturday. According to the publication, while around 700,000 Ukrainians receive ‘citizens’ benefits’ (Buergergeld), most of them do not have legal jobs …

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Ukrainian-linked anti-Jewish riot in Russia: What is known so far

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Putin comments on Ukrainian weapons in Hamas hands

That some of the weapons sent to Ukraine ended up in the hands of Hamas militants probably has more to do with corruption than deliberate deliveries, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday. “I doubt that there were deliveries of weapons from Ukraine, but I have no doubt there were …

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