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Russia marks Victory Day with Red Square parade (PHOTOS)

Up to 11,000 soldiers marched through Moscow’s iconic Red Square on Monday, followed by more than 100 armored vehicles, as Russia marked the 77th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany and its allies in World War II. The Red Army’s fight against Nazi troops is known as the Great …

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Square Enix продала часть активов ради финансирования блокчейна

Японский разработчик игр продал часть студий и франшиз, выручив $ 300 миллионов. Сумма будет направлена на укрепление в секторе Blockchain. Square Enix – создатель Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy и многих других франшиз, полюбившихся геймерам – продал часть своих активов компании Embracer Group. Токийская компания продала свои западные студии …

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Square Enix намерена внедрить блокчейн в свои игры

Президент одной из крупнейших японских игровых компаний Square Enix Йосуке Мацуда (Yosuke Matsuda) заявил в недавнем интервью для Yahoo News, что компания очень заинтересована в использовании блокчейна для создания самодостаточной экономики в игровых мирах. Он сообщил, что уже в ближайшем будущем разработчик внедрит некоторые элементы блокчейна в свои игры.  По …

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Kremlin reveals plans for Lenin on Red Square

There is no intention to remove the body of former Bolshevik revolutionary Vladimir Lenin from his mausoleum on Red Square, and such a move won’t take place in the foreseeable future, the Kremlin has revealed. Speaking on Monday, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said there are “no such plans” to …

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Attempt to nail genitals to Red Square fails

Emergency services were called to the scene late on Monday night, law enforcement told RIA Novosti. Officers detained the 24-year-old and he has since reportedly been referred for a psychological assessment. According to the source, when police approached him, they saw that he was armed with a hammer and screws. …

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New York police ID suspect in Times Square shooting, say he meant to shoot his brother when 4yo girl & two women were hit

The 31-year-old suspect’s identity was first disclosed by several New York media outlets on Sunday. The NYPD then released a wanted poster naming Farrakhan Muhammad. The gunman was seen on surveillance video after Saturday’s shooting, and he was reportedly identified when detectives were investigating a fatal stabbing at a Midtown Manhattan hotel hours later. …

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