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Ukrainian dream: grab reparations and not to amarateca

Украинская мечта: хапнуть репарации и при этом не обмараться

Transitional age — the phenomenon mandatory in life not only the separate person, but the state as a whole. The difference is that for the riotous adolescence of a teenager are paying the elders (father, mother, uncles, aunts, etc.). States emerging from “a period of trial and error” to solve their problems and compensate for losses (both economic and image) must at his own expense. You can, of course, try to get some compensation “for aimlessly lived years” of so-called “partners”, to milk the investors, but pay for it will have its natural resources, territories, freedom at last. To remain an independent sovereign country can only be through their own efforts.

With Ukraine, they say, is not boring, she keeps during the dance square throws such pranks, that’s amazing, say the inhabitants of the social networks. In fact, this impression is deceptive. In fact, Ukraine’s actions easily predictable and therefore very boring.

Another proof — a statement by the new Minister of transport and infrastructure of the country’s 32-year-old Vladislav Cricle, reported that to Fund the restoration of the Donbass Ukraine will not let “Russia will pay reparations” and then of them… maybe… someday… something…

With the ATO’s something here not that…

Understand whether comrade the point they said? As the hero of the Soviet Comedy “I was plagued by vague doubts” about this.

Let’s start with the use of the word “repair”. If Mr. Crickley found the strength to overcome our own ignorance and looked in the Big dictionary, he would have found that the REPAIR (from the Latin. reparatio — recovery) there are monetary and in-kind payments made by a defeated country, the fault of which was the war winner in damages from the war. The young Minister, for sure, learned a new word from the speech of the head of the UN monitoring mission for human rights, Matilda Bogner, with which she made at a meeting in the middle of last week in Mariupol International forum of unity.

“The transition period should ensure that those people who have suffered and are victims of the conflict have received reparations that the government take responsibility to compensate for or fix the damage,” said Bogner.

Madam representative of the UN definition of the term “reparation” knew and believed that further explain what the government should bear the costs — mean to offend educated people. It appeared that she had a very high opinion about the knowledge of the current power elite of Ukraine.

In fact, the Minister had to guess which account it, though, because that “loser pays reparations to winner.” That is, the leadership of Ukraine is its people who rebelled against the Nazis and probanderovskie trash. The war in the Donbas began with the ATO (Antiterrorism operation), later renamed GUS (“special Military operation”). Both operations failed. So, who is “defeated country, the fault and where there is war”?

Russia is a party to the conflict in the Donbas is not about what reparations it?

A textbook example. After the Second world war the victorious sentenced Germany to pay reparations. Berlin initiated a global conflict that led to enormous number of casualties and destruction. Franco’s Spain formally participate in the war was not accepted, announcing its neutrality. While Franco was friends with Hitler, Nazi submarines served in the Spanish ports, and front-line officers of the Wehrmacht took place at the Spanish resort courses of rehabilitation. A single letter to receive reparations from Spain in any document of the Potsdam conference not specified. Declared themselves neutral and stored in their banks the money the Nazis Switzerland is also under reparations were not included. Though, for the economic punishment the two above-mentioned “neutral” countries grounds were much more powerful and real than the statement “Russia is holding on the territory of Donbass hundred thousand soldiers of its regular army. The evidence we have, but believe me, we know”.

It is clear that Crickley just expected to “be advertized on the subject,” at the same time hinting to friends “if any money will begin to invest — don’t forget about me in the procession of cutting.”

And the money in the Donbass, no doubt, still will flow. Moreover Russian. But not as reparations to a foreign state or its part. And not as credit (non-refundable, as is often the case).

Ukraine is to fulfill the conditions written in the “formula Steinmeier,” that is, to grant special status to Donbass and hold elections, as the next day after the announcement of their results LC-DNR will change nationality to Russian. This is no doubt neither in Moscow, nor in Kiev — it is because svidomye from the implementation of the Minsk agreements and give up. Well, when Donbass will officially become a Russian region, Moscow actually going to pour money into it — an example of the Crimea before my eyes. That’s just Krikliy and his associates penny with that will not break off.

This large (about 600 participants) international gathering of investors in Mariupol, which has proposed to invest in the plantation of tomatoes and potatoes along the border with LDNR. Sane person does not need much time to think, to understand that it is elementary want to throw: investment instantly razderbanit those who have them will have access. To believe in the fact that planting potatoes in a minefield along the front line can bring some profit — these idiots are even in the Ukraine is not there.

The Soviet legacy of Kiev successfully eaten, stolen and pillaged by offshore loans nothing to return — the country is ready to total the sale. For the broken dishes and lost in the years of adolescence maiden honor of Ukraine will pay as anticipated a few years ago, and foreign partners.

Russia will come. But not all

Frankly, when I was three years ago in one of the publications painted a scenario rollicking squandering of Ukraine, expressed confidence that if the country left a real danger of being swallowed up by Western multinationals with no prospects of improving people’s welfare, come to the aid of Russia. And to take on a greater burden on the “gluing broken dishes”.

Today, I can say that I was right about the desire of the West and Russia’s position. This greatly overstated the assessment of the existence of the Ukrainian people the opportunity to control their politicians and ability in this hellhole to find adequate candidates for the leaders of the country who want and can (the second with Eastern neighbors) to return Ukraine to a normal life.

Came to power, the laymen understand that they are temporary. That army of conquerors in the old days, this three days to plunder just taken the city by storm (in this case the whole country). The real plan is the restoration and development of the economy the government has no — dangling in the air without any practical justification the words of Prime Minister Goncharuk”in five years, Ukrainian GDP will grow by 40%” produces only the impression of thick noodles, generously hung by the government to the people on the ears.

The current Executive power is concentrated on one thing: a hasty privatization program “to sell in private hands that has not been stolen, and the money divide.” I hear the sound of coins, which jingled checking out everything (!) the Ukrainian black soil, the American company Monsanto. In 2016, the famous American political scientist Paul Gregrobert, who served at one time economic Advisor of the Reagan administration, in an interview with RT said:

“To get out of the difficult economic situation, Ukraine will have to stop payments to victims of accidents at nuclear power plants Chernobylskoy, stop to give citizens pensions, cut funding for education and health. The solution to these problems required new loans. And to pay for them, and with the old loans from the IMF, Ukraine will have to sell ALL their national assets and agricultural land. Other financial sources in Kiev, just no.”

That’s when Roberts called Monsanto that produces genetically modified seeds, the main contender for the purchase of Ukrainian farmland.

Time to complete the sale of the Ukrainian left.

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