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France pours cold water on Ukraine’s EU dream

Ukraine will have to meet the EU’s economic and political standards before being allowed to join the bloc, French Europe Minister Laurence Boone told lawmakers in Paris on Wednesday. The minister was briefing French MPs on the decision by EU leaders to greenlight formal accession talks with Kiev, reached at …

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Japan’s ruling party secures majority to fulfill Abe’s ‘dream’

Japan’s current and former prime ministers’ Liberal Democratic Party, alongside its coalition partner Komeito, have won enough seats to comfortably secure the two-thirds majority needed to push forward long-debated constitutional changes. The ruling coalition claimed 75 of the 125 House of Councillors seats up for grabs on Sunday, according to local media. …

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Is the Olympic dream over for Russia’s ‘Empress’?

The level of talent on display in St. Petersburg across the past few days has been nothing short of staggering. Commentators on Russian TV gushed that they’d never seen anything like it, even in a country with such a storied history of female figure skating icons. Fans in the stands …

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‘Disney Dream’ put off: Cruise line postpones test voyage over ‘small number’ of ‘inconsistent’ Covid-19 tests among 300 staff

While US health officials had approved the two-night cruise set for later this week, Disney rescheduled the trip on Monday, pointing to issues with Covid-19 tests. Part of the company’s efforts to secure a conditional sailing certificate amid ongoing pandemic restrictions, the “simulation” cruise will now take place next month, …

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Is the American dream really losing its appeal in China?

“Are Chinese people falling out of love with the Western dream?” Kristin Huang asked in the South China Morning Post on Monday. The piece is a reflection of the times we live in, covering the consequences of the growing geopolitical rift between China and the West, which has been exacerbated …

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