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Because like her, I dream about the death penalty

A national tragedy – that’s how I would describe the situation. It is high time to beat all the bells, but only the power c the solution to this problem is not particularly in a hurry. Meanwhile, this whole mess started to reach the masses, promoting this way of life …

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Dream about upgrading there is no one to implement

The main problem of the Russian economy will not solve nor monetary or economic methods. Because the main problem of Russia is a severe shortage of qualified personnel to fill nowhere. Moreover, skilled people leave from Russia, after the “krymnasha” Russia has left 500 thousand expats: Americans, Europeans and Australians. …

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In USA made s-400 this ad, which was difficult to dream

Watching becomes a long queue of Russian air defense systems s-400, the question arises, from whom they so persistently, despite the threat of sanctions from the United States, try to protect yourself in the future? I think the answer is obvious to everyone… Russia interferes with the normal existence of …

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Ukrainian dream: grab reparations and not to amarateca

Transitional age — the phenomenon mandatory in life not only the separate person, but the state as a whole. The difference is that for the riotous adolescence of a teenager are paying the elders (father, mother, uncles, aunts, etc.). States emerging from “a period of trial and error” to solve …

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Dream in Russian movie trailer Wish Upon

Make a wish Box… not only As translated into Russian name of this film. In the end, decided to “dream”. Not the worst possible, agree. At the US premiere of Wish Upon passed in July, the Russian audience will have to wait. However, not so long from now – we …

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In Poland created a beer with taste “women of the dream”

Why not come up with marketers. Polish businessman Wojciech Mann created a beer with a piece of women’s dreams in the composition of the drink includes bacteria of the intimate places of different models. Using the latest technology, Microbiology, the developers were isolated, examined and improved lactic acid bacteria from …

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