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Tourists identified seven of the most beautiful countries in the world

Туристы определили семь самых красивых в мире странThe rating was based on voting

There is nothing surprising in the fact that you suddenly decide to make a surprise trip to the particular corner of the world. But before you go to conquer the mountain peaks or on Islands, let’s define some of the most beautiful countries in the world where it really should go.

Edition Rough Guides based on voting chose the most beautiful countries on the planet. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Туристы определили семь самых красивых в мире стран


Both for locals and for tourists, the country retains a boundless capacity to surprise, enchant and excite. England has always had its own history and heritage to be proud of, along with the diversity in lifestyle that can be traced in different regions of the country, from coast to the hilly areas.

Over the last 20 years England has changed for local residents and for visitors. Who could have predicted that shopping in Leeds and Bristol, the all-conquering March of music and art festivals or camping would be such a cool phenomenon?

Accommodation and food, two things on any trip, once there was something like winning the lottery. Many English hotels and restaurants, it would seem, sought to show hospitality in the industry, which is based on the principles of hospitality. Anymore.

Boutiques-hotels, B&B, design hotels and campsites offer excellent accommodation to tourists and ever-expanding selection of food and drinks – cafes, restaurants and pubs, food festivals and farmers ‘ markets – challenges the stereotypes.

And, of course, in England you can get acquainted with the richest historical heritage of the country. Across the country there are excellent museums (many of them free). Any Englishman will attract your attention to the Golden rural past of the country, the classic image of which can be found in any brochure.

It is impossible to exaggerate the dignity of the attractions of the various English regions, from Cornwall to the Lake district, Hiking trails and prehistoric stone circles to traditional pubs and festivals. And yet, despite such a reverent attitude in a rural past, today agriculture accounts for only a small share of national income, and there is a real separation between the population of growing cities and suburbs and small rural communities.

So, maybe the heart of England – in its cities? Yes, indeed, endowed with a remarkable energy, and talents. However, the flourishing city of civic consciousness is not a new phenomenon. It’s pretty steadily manifested after the Industrial revolution, which laid the Foundation of what you will see during the trip.

Virtually every English town bears the signs of former wealth and power, whether it be a magnificent Gothic Cathedral financed from a monarch’s Treasury, a parish Church funded by the tycoons of the medieval trade, or a triumphant building. In the South of England you will find the old shipyard, which the Navy patrolled ocean territory, and to the North of the mill, which employed whole villages.

Anglican museums and galleries – some of them occupy the first place among the best in the world – full of treasures. And the old seaside resorts talking about the heyday of the English Spa towns, when something is as fashionable as any European resort.

Туристы определили семь самых красивых в мире стран


The Indonesian archipelago occupies over 5200 km between the Asian mainland and Australia and comprises 17 thousand Islands. Its ethnic, cultural and linguistic diversity is high: more than 500 languages and dialects 246 million people, whose customs and way of life are the main attraction. The volcanic nature of the Islands has created tall mountains, covered with green of rice terraces or rainforest, sloping down to blindingly bright beaches and vivid blue seas.

This is a wonderful natural resource for adventurous trekking, surfing, scuba diving or just relaxing by the pool in a five star hotel.

And the journey through the archipelago is pretty unforgettable, in tiny fragile planes, rusty ferries and buses.

Туристы определили семь самых красивых в мире стран

South Africa

South Africa is a large and incredibly beautiful country that fascinates many tourists, excellent infrastructure. Good air routes and bus networks, excellent roads and a growing number of excellent B & BS and guesthouses make South Africa a popular tourist country.

However, despite all these opportunities, South Africa continues to impress after almost two decades of democracy “rainbow nation” is still trying to determine their identity. The policy of racial segregation may be dead, but its consequences continue to influence the development of South Africa.

The population of South Africa is not simply black and white. The majority are Africans (79.5% of the population), white 9%, followed by métis (slightly less than 9%) – the descendants of white settlers, slaves and Africans, who speak English and African languages make up the majority in the Western Cape province. The rest (2.5 percent), resident mainly in KwaZulu-Natal, are descendants of Indians who came to South Africa in the early twentieth century as wage workers.

But the most striking symptom of the cultural diversity of South Africa is the many languages spoken by the local population. In each region you will see various styles of architecture, certain types of crafts. Perhaps even more exciting spectacle are the towns where the entire country is presented in a sort of alchemical combination of rural and urban, traditional and modern.

Туристы определили семь самых красивых в мире стран


Ask an Italian where in the world he wanted to live most, and he will answer you: “Right here.” It has everything: some of the most beautiful and varied landscapes in Europe, a favorable climate, vast art collection and, of course, delicious cuisine.

Italy may be the most famous tourist destination in the world, but a single state it was in 1861, and as a result Italians often feel rather loyalty to their region than to the nation as a whole, which is manifested in different cuisines, dialects and so on. However, if you can give a common characteristic of this country from the national point of view, she must embrace life fully: the hundreds of local festivals taking place throughout the country; in the importance given to good food; in the obsession with clothes and image; in the daily collective customary evening walk, which is attended by all, young and old in towns and villages across the country.

And, of course, there is a huge cultural heritage of the country. Only in Tuscany is the most classified historical monuments than any country in the world; across the country, are preserved considerable remains of the Roman Empire, especially in Rome.

Туристы определили семь самых красивых в мире стран

New Zealand

From year to year, travelers put New Zealand in the top ten of places they’d like to visit. With rocky cliffs, wide beaches, forests, snow-capped mountains and spectacular geysers landscapes of the country are truly a majestic sight.

The forests are full of strange birds, which evolved by filling vacant niches first occupied by mammals on the coasts full of penguins, whales and seals. The indigenous people of the country, the Maori lived here for only 800 years, and yet still remained interesting customs, which are superimposed on the customs and traditions of the colonial Europeans and Asian cultures, that creates quite a vivid picture.

Given this, it is no wonder that tourists here there are boundless opportunities for entertainment, ranging from walks on the beach and long walks through mountain passes to the adventure, skydiving, skiing and etc. Many tourists perceive the country as one continuous Playground.

However, local residents know firsthand about what surprises can cook nature is due to tectonic shifts. Canterbury residents still remember the earthquake in Christchurch on 4 September 2010 and 22 February 2011, which almost devastated the city.

Thousands of people left Christchurch, but it remains the second largest city after Auckland, putting the capital Wellington to third place.

Туристы определили семь самых красивых в мире стран


House of hockey, Niagara falls, mountains and maple syrup, not to mention Ryan Gosling, Celine Dion, Drake and Justin Bibere – almost everything on the planet know anything about Canada.

However, if you get here for the first time, you will be amazed by the huge size of the country. Canadian cities – charming québec, trendy Vancouver, cosmopolitan Toronto and stylish montréal – rich in historical and cultural values, but above all, Canada is a country of stunningly beautiful landscapes, from impressive fjords of Newfoundland, to sparkling lakes and Rocky mountains majestic peaks.

The second largest country in world (after Russia), Canada is sparsely populated, and the majority of the 35 million Canadians live in the southern part of the country, near the American border. Like its neighbor to the South, Canada holds a whole range of cultures of various immigrant groups who have displaced many indigenous peoples of the continent.

However, in contrast with its southern neighbors – many Canadians are concerned about the lack of a clear national identity, which would help to distinguish them from USA. Again and again heard the debate about the separation of Quebec. Nevertheless, Canadians have a sense of pride for their history, culture and stunning beauty of their land.

Туристы определили семь самых красивых в мире стран


The classic image of Scotland: a ruined medieval castles on almost every hill, mountain valleys, covered with Heather in the summer and turns a beautiful purple hue, bagpipers, strolling in a holiday in another Scottish village.

And still completely to comprehend the nature of this country is quite hard: on the genetic level, a generous share of romantic Celtic hedonism is somehow intertwined with the harsh Calvinist caution. Chefs from Paris to Pisa sing Scottish lobster and steaks of Aberdeen Angus, and the locals happily consume a dinner of Haggis and chips. This is a country where the losers in the battles romantisized almost more than conquerors.

Naturally, the tourism industry focuses on the tourism heritage of the country, but outside of all this nostalgia lies a modern, dynamic country. Oil and nanotechnologies are now more important to the Scottish economy than fishing or Harris tweed.

Many people are attracted to Nightclubs and modern restaurants, in the Hebrides, the locals are more likely to create web sites than to shear the sheep. Today, the outdoor festivals attract thousands of revelers. And just as the pop stars on the main stage, no less popular sorts of the folk group, playing the accordion and electric violin.

Stuck in the far North-West of Europe, Scotland is still not isolated. Inspiring emptiness of the wild North-West coast is only a few hours drive from Edinburgh and Glasgow, two of the most intriguing urban centers of great Britain. Due to ancient ties to Ireland, Scandinavia, France and the Netherlands the Scots in General, enthusiastic about the EU, which invested in infrastructure and cultural projects.

On the contrary, the relations of Scotland with England, still remain tense. Many Scots still tend to view the situation South of the border with a mixture of exaggerated disdain and well-hidden envy.

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