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Ukraine’s military warns Russian tourists

The Ukrainian military appeared to issue a veiled threat against Russian tourists seeking to travel to Crimea this summer, insisting the region belongs to Ukraine and suggesting visitors might be killed by shelling or air strikes. The Defense Ministry took to Twitter on Thursday with a post stating that “Unless …

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Hungary targets ‘petrol tourists’

Drivers with foreign license plates can no longer buy gas in Hungary at government-capped prices – the lowest in the EU, Budapest announced on Thursday. Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s chief of staff said the measure is aimed at stopping “petrol tourists” abusing Hungary’s fuel supplies. Gergely Gulyas told journalists, during a regular …

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Rare hail stuns tourists in all-year-round resort

Tourists at the Egyptian beach resort city of Hurghada were caught off guard by a rare snowstorm which pelted beachgoers with egg-sized hail stones at the start of the new year. Videos showed people rushing to the safety of their hotels as massive hail stones fell from the sky on …

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Putin Pilgrimage: Tourists offered opportunity to walk in Russian president’s footsteps with new map of leader’s relaxation spots

On Thursday, Rostourism said that, alongside tour operators, plans are being put together to construct a route around several areas of the country’s largest region that will allow keen Kremlin-watchers to trace Putin’s footsteps throughout a number of his most frequented bolt-holes, hunting grounds and mini-break sites. “There are a …

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