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Tourists filled the hotels in Turkey before the end of summer

Turkey this year very well.

Since mid-July and at least until the end of August, the Turkish hotels are filled almost to capacity. This is bad for those who, for whatever reason, been putting off buying tickets. Hoteliers believe that put too low prices. And it’s double-bad.

Almost 11.4 million foreign tourists visited Turkey from January to may, according to the Ministry of tourism. This fresh official data. The top five countries for the period of time was as follows: Russia (1.4 million, or 12,11%), Germany (1.1 million, 9.67 per cent), Iran (980 thousand, of 8.55%), Georgia (854 thousand, 7, 45%) and Bulgaria (777 thousand, of 6.78%). - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Especially great demand for hotels is observed in Antalya (the Mediterranean coast) and in Istanbul and on the Aegean coast (but there are going to rest and the Turks themselves), and even on the black sea coast. It is expected that this year in Antalya will come to 14 million tourists.

The largest European tour operators Thomas Cook and TUI confirmed that Turkey this year very well. According to TUI, Turkey came in third place preferences of their tourists after Spain and Greece.

Thus, Turkey has restored demand after the recession caused by the fears of tourists about security. Recall that it was caused by a series of terrorist attacks and a failed coup attempt in 2016.

In 2014, two years ago, the country welcomed 36.8 million tourists two years ago, this figure fell to 25.3 million in tourism Revenue in 2015 amounted to 31.4 billion dollars, and in 2016 — only 22.1 billion

The situation has improved in 2017 26.3 billion (+19%). And continues to improve. However, representatives of the tourism market of Turkey, said that this year, the industry earns less despite hotels filled, as was originally set low prices for accommodation.

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