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Tourists filled the hotels in Turkey before the end of summer

Turkey this year very well. Since mid-July and at least until the end of August, the Turkish hotels are filled almost to capacity. This is bad for those who, for whatever reason, been putting off buying tickets. Hoteliers believe that put too low prices. And it’s double-bad. Almost 11.4 million …

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Hotels with rooms in the trees. Photo

Stunning hotels with rooms in the trees. Probably everyone in childhood dreamed of a tree house, but not everybody managed to make it happen. Now it becomes possible. True, not forever, but only for a time: some hotels offer rooms built on trees.

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In India, the man stole 120 TVs from different hotels

The man especially was travelling with a huge suitcase, which was placed appliances.Law enforcement authorities announced the arrest of Nanaya Vasudeva, who for four months was engaged in theft in hotels. The man especially was travelling with a huge suitcase, which was placed appliances. The offender was arrested while trying …

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Tourists identified cities with the best hotels and restaurants

The experts took into account the 4 million tourists. The best restaurants in Rome, the most beautiful monuments in Barcelona, and the most comfortable hotels in London. To such conclusion the researchers Spella, analyzing about 4 million reviews published on the Internet. Spella experts analyzed millions of reviews about hotels, …

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