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To World of Warships was joined by French cruisers

К World of Warships присоединились французские крейсерыThe cruisers of the French fleet under the power of diverse tasks.

Wargaming reports that naval multiplayer action game World of Warships appeared, the French cruisers. As the developers say, with them you will be able to arrange a hunt for the aircraft carriers and show annoying destroyers, who’s really in charge.

A new branch of ships boasts a powerful artillery and perfect for commanders who prefer the flexibility and tactical diversity. High speed French can be increased if to use special equipment — it is not available to similar ships of other Nations. Beginners are equipped with excellent torpedo protection, whereby a marked advantage over the destroyers. Own torpedo fresh line will help to gain the upper hand in the melee. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The cruisers of the French fleet under the power of diverse tasks: quick change flanks and hunting destroyers, light cruisers or the aircraft carriers of the enemy. In addition, the ships VI-X levels can compete even with the battleships.

A branch of France opens fast and accurate Bougainville. According to Wargaming, the ships of this type proved to be excellent during the Second world war and remained in service until the late 50s. Bougainville is one of the most famous representatives of the class aviso, French analogue of the gunboats. Among the new ships developers also produce Émile Bertin, one of the swiftest cruisers in the game, and his successor — well-armoured and protected from the torpedoes of La Galissonnière.

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