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“This is a direct military attack on political and civil activists”

«Это прямая силовая атака на политических и гражданских активистов»

Mass searches of the opposition related to the Bulk and do not relate to it, an act of intimidation. Authorities fear that inaction could be dangerous.

On Thursday morning, in 40 cities of Russia were raided the headquarters of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, in the apartments of his supporters, participants of movement “the Voice” and the other unhappy. Came not only to them but also to their families. The action was deliberately revealing. I wanted to tell the authorities, why was this necessary?

Alexei Makarkin, first Vice-President of the Center for political technologies:

«Это прямая силовая атака на политических и гражданских активистов»

“The searches were the result and the election and street protests. The election is an indicator. We saw the “smart vote”, and that quite a lot of votes scored supporter of Alexei Navalny on elections of the mayor of Novosibirsk, though not won.

It is no coincidence that the security forces came just in the regional offices of the opposition. Now the problem is that there is a protest Moscow — political. A protest of a regional — mostly social. The main intrigue is, will it be possible to combine them. If they go different ways, power is less dangerous. If you manage to combine is for the elites much riskier. That measures are taken to prevent such overlap”.

Boris Kagarlitsky, Director of the Institute of globalization and social movements, candidate of political Sciences:

«Это прямая силовая атака на политических и гражданских активистов»

“We do a few exaggerate the rationality and the reasonableness of the actions of the authorities. When we ask the question: “Why?” most likely, the wrong wording initially. It is logical to ask the question: “Why?”.

I don’t see in the actions of power nor of reason, nor of expediency. Moreover, I do not believe that there is no such entity as “government”. There are many different officials, and the only thing they have in common is that they all in varying degrees confused and scared. However, the mistake is to think that they are afraid of a popular revolt or opposition. They fear each other, fear of uncertainty and fear of the future.

Therefore, the government’s actions cannot be assessed in the political logic. That is, we will continue to search tomorrow won’t search, today, someone going to jail, tomorrow someone will release today will allow candidates prior to the election tomorrow, these same candidates will be removed. And so on!

It’s just haphazard and rather chaotic movements, resulting from the fact that many tens of people at different levels are taking uncoordinated, random decisions”.

Dmitry Dubrovsky, human rights activist, candidate of historical Sciences:

«Это прямая силовая атака на политических и гражданских активистов»

“In my opinion, we see the continuation of a long history, when the government is trying to put pressure on the FCO. I think this is not even with the past elections, and with the work of the “Commission for the investigation of threats to sovereignty”. Because the commissions really need proof of these threats, I believe that this continues is not in connection with elections and through the work of the Commission. The task: to find evidence so required by the Commission, to have something to present as a result of their work.”

Lev Shlosberg, head of the Yabloko faction in the Pskov regional meeting of deputies:

«Это прямая силовая атака на политических и гражданских активистов»

“Attack on FBK and the headquarters of Navalny is an attack on the network of political structure, of course, capable and influential. And it’s an act of intimidation against all, without exception, protest politicians, and citizens. Chose to attack this extensive network, which has political clout and resources, but the example of the FBC want to silence everyone. In this example I want to show everyone that politics can do only those allowed to do it.

It is quite clear that this action will not be successful. People do not agree with this, and not only in the headquarters and Bulk of the FBC. Anyone who wants to engage in independent politics in Russia, will attend to it.

In Pskov, the police searched the apartment of a member of the party “Yabloko” Nikolay Kuzmin. It has nothing to do with the structures of Alexei Navalny. No legal grounds for a search Nikolay Kuzmin, no. He has just participated in the elections and, in fact, remains in the status of the candidate in deputies of the Pskov municipal Duma, actually won the election. Kuzmin also known as the participant of many protest rallies, including events organized by the headquarters of Alexei Navalny. Assume that the investigators do not have any detailed and qualitative information about who exactly is the political and social structure, go ahead — all people who were mentioned as participants in rallies Bulk. And in Pskov at a large meeting of several thousand people.

In my opinion, a criminal case in which searches are carried out across the country, is politically motivated. Regardless of who came, who didn’t come who was and who was not a search, this is a political case, directed against every free citizen of Russia. Business, the purpose of which is suppression of civil activity and the destruction of the rights and freedoms of citizens in our country. This is a direct military attack on political and civil activists.”

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