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No ‘direct threat’ from Russia – senior NATO officer

There are no signs that Russia is gearing up for an attack on NATO, the head of the bloc’s Military Committee, Admiral Rob Bauer, has said. Speaking to reporters in Riga on Friday, Bauer, who commanded the Dutch armed forces between 2017 and 2021, said that “there is no indication …

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No direct threat from Russia – NATO

NATO sees no threat from Russia toward any of its territories, the US-led bloc’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters on Tuesday during a press conference in Brussels. That’s as several alliance members, including Germany and the Baltic states, have raised concerns of a potential future Russian attack. Answering questions …

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Putin accuses NATO of direct involvement in attacks on Russia

NATO helped Ukraine conduct drone attacks on Russian airfields that house long-distance nuclear-capable bombers, President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday. He made the statement during the annual address to the Federal Assembly, which comprises both chambers of the country’s parliament, as well as to senior Russian officials. “We know that …

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Russia warns of ‘direct military clash’ with US

Washington’s behavior on the world stage risks direct conflict between the nuclear states, the Russian embassy in the US has warned. “Today, the United States continues to act with no regard to other countries’ security and interests, which contributes to an increase in nuclear risks,” the embassy said in a …

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US eyes direct war with Russia – Belarus

The US is making plans for a direct war against Russia and its ally Belarus, the head of Belarusian military intelligence warned on Thursday. The scenario is becoming more likely as the proxy war in Ukraine and other ways to hurt the two nations are failing, he claimed. “The territory …

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Russia sounds alarm on risk of direct conflict with US

Washington’s arming of Ukraine with heavier weapons increases the risk of direct US-Russia confrontation regardless of American statements about mitigating such a possibility, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said on Wednesday. The diplomat was commenting on the news that the US has decided to supply HIMARS multiple rocket launchers …

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Former colony resists direct UK rule

The acting premier of the British Virgin Islands has voiced deep “concerns” over London’s plans to assume direct governance of the Caribbean territory, following the arrest of its leader in a US drug sting operation, and a highly-critical report into alleged systemic corruption. On Friday, shortly before the premier of …

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UK seeks direct control of ex-colony

Shortly before the premier of the British Virgin Islands appeared before a US judge on charges of cocaine smuggling and money laundering, a commission of inquiry in London hurriedly published a report urging the UK to take direct control of the Caribbean territory, citing systemic corruption. BVI Premier Andrew Alturo …

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Russia names conditions for further direct talks with Ukraine

Once the Ukrainian side offers meaningful steps that would make direct talks worth conducting, that possibility will be considered, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Monday. Kiev has threatened to withdraw from the peace negotiations altogether, and vowed to “immediately” retake any territory under Russian control with the help of …

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