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The world’s most powerful laser fired the first shot

Мощнейший в мире лазер произвел первый выстрелIts length is 3.4 km.

XFEL — the world’s largest free electron laser — produced its first x-ray beam. This was reported in the press release of the German research centre DESY.

XFEL is located in Germany and is located in an underground tunnel at a depth 6-38 meters. Its length is 3.4 km. It generates the synchrotron radiation in x-ray range. It emits electrons, accelerated to relativistic speed (close to speed of light).

A linear accelerator with a length of 2.1 kilometres accelerates the electrons that enter the tunnel, where there are more than 17 thousand magnets. Of them are undulatory device that creates AC in the space of transverse magnetic field. Moving it particles begin to oscillate and with every movement to produce high-energy photons. The latter are combined in a beam of x-rays whose energy is amplified with the passage of the electron along the undulator.

During the testing of the XFEL generates only one pulse per second, however, by the end of the year, this value will be increased to 27 thousand pulses per second. The brightness produced by the radiation of a laser will significantly exceed the existing analogs.

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