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The scientists told, when people colonize Mars

Ученые рассказали, когда люди заселят МарсNASA unveiled plans to transform a neighboring planet “second Earth.”

To restore the Mars atmosphere and thus make it suitable for living – such a proposal was made by Jim green, Director of planetary science at NASA, at the conference, which the Agency recently conducted. From the calculations of Greene, it follows that Mars itself will acquire a dense atmosphere, if you stop its loss.

After all, once the air on the neighboring planet had. About 4.2 billion years ago the Martian atmosphere was very dense. But it blew the solar wind, the rapid stream of charged particles coming from our sun.

The Martian atmosphere is continuing to shrink. Measurements taken with a probe MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN), put into orbit of a neighboring planet in September 2014, showed that now every second the air on Mars is getting 100 grams less.

In earlier times, when a dense atmosphere on Mars was as warm as now on Earth, splashing oceans, lakes, flowing river.

Pressure dropped, the water froze. But still. The data obtained by means of radar Sharad, installed on the spacecraft Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), indicate surface in the middle latitudes of the red planet covered by a layer of ice of a thickness of several hundred meters. Radar and automatic station Mars-Express, actually found Martian Antarctica – ice layer at the South pole, the thickness of which reaches almost 4 kilometers. And 90 percent frozen water. Scientists claim that fewer stocks and has a North pole.

The poles are full and frozen carbon dioxide.

Hide behind a high fence planet

Our planet Earth has its own very strong magnetic field, which itself and creates. Its magnetic lines of force emerging from the poles and stretch far out into space, forming a kind of cocoon that protects from solar wind.

Mars opened the harmful solar wind. From all this trouble. And if so, what need from it – from wind – planet obscure. What? Magnetic field.

Mars now has no own distinct magnetic poles. That’s green and proposes to create them artificially, but not on the planet itself, and next, by placing a giant magnetic dipole, essentially a huge magnet, L1 is the Lagrange point. At this point located on the straight line connecting Mars and the Sun, the gravitational forces of the planets and luminaries balance each other. And the objects located there, forever to remain at rest.

The dipole will create a kind of protective tunnel where Mars will be. The tunnel and blocked it from the flow of charged particles.

Scientist says: after a few years, the temperature on the adjacent protected from the solar wind – the planet will rise. First will start to evaporate the frozen carbon dioxide, and as a result, will increase the atmospheric pressure which is less than 10 years will reach half the world. Next, begin to melt water ice on Mars will return to the oceans. But in General, turning it into a “second Earth” will leave hundreds of millions of years.

Long, of course, although extra effort, the process will not require transformation will go, that is, automatically. And to start them as suggested by NASA, in the near future – until 2050.

By the way, the fact that Mars has almost no magnetic field, the skeptics see a major obstacle to future colonists. And even for members of short – term expeditions, like, go crazy from the bumps on the brain charged particles of high energies. Artificial protection offered by the green may protect not only the atmosphere, but “Martians”.

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