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The scientists saw incredible space phenomenon

Ученые увидели невероятное космическое явлениеThe professors were able to detect the merger of two stars into one.

A group of scientists-astronomers from the University of Oklahoma have discovered a rather rare system consisting of two white dwarf stars SDSS J082239.546+304857.19 and SDSS J104336.275+055149.90, rotating around each other at very close orbits with a period of 40 and 46 minutes. White dwarfs are the remnants after supernova explosions of Sun-like stars within our galaxy, the milky Way galaxy, very often of a binary system consisting of two white dwarfs. But only a small number of such systems of stars are very close to each other. At the same time, the vast majority of binary “dwarf” systems with orbital period less than one hour, was found by a group of astronomers from the University of Oklahoma, led by Machimina a Kylix (Mukremin Kilic).

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“Short-period binary systems with white dwarfs are interesting, especially the fact that they are a source of gravitational waves. At the present time, these gravity have become a new tool for studies of the deep Universe using gravitational Observatory LIGO and future space Observatory Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA)” – says Mukremin Kilik.

New binary “dwarf” system was discovered with the help of the 6.5-meter MMT telescope, which is in the joint possession of the Smithsonian institution and the University of Arizona. And confirmed, this discovery was by observation 3.5 telescope Apache Point Observatory. Interesting is the fact that an open system is only the seventh known scholar short-period binary system with a white dwarf.

In the course of further observations, astronomers will study the processes occurring in the binary system. According to the existing models, the orbits of two white dwarfs will gradually approach and at some point the two stars will merge into one star exotic type, known as R Coronae Borealis. Such stars are characterized by sharp spontaneous changes in their brightness that occurs at random intervals, and within our galaxy, astronomers had discovered to date, only 65 such stars.

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However, it should not be hoped that astronomers will be able to witness the process of the merger of two white dwarf stars. “This event will occur, according to our calculations, 20-35 million years” – says Mukremin Kilik, “And all that time “dancing” star will emit gravitational waves, which we can study the processes occurring there”.

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