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The scientists said the possible outcome of the colonization of Mars

Ученые рассказали, чем может закончиться колонизация Марса The colonization of Mars will be the end of the natural ecological balance of the red planet.

And everything around her outer space — scientists believe, according to the forecasts of which, humanity will not stop the environmental destruction of their own planet.

Although still vague prospects of colonization of the red planet, scientists-environmentalists around the world are encouraged to think about the possible consequences of the construction of inhabited bases on Mars right now — then, experts say, it will be too late.

“If the Terrans will come up with a plan of colonization of Mars, then he must consider the probable consequences of anthropogenic impact on the fourth planet of the Solar system. We don’t want to contaminate Mars, right?” — the researchers note.

According to which, the problems of colonization of Mars, in addition to all of the organizational and technical means and environmental issues.

Human settlements, which in a few decades will appear on Mars, will be a source of contamination of the environment of the red planet. Nuclear installations, the production of rocket fuel, waste people, as well as other pollution factors should be carefully considered by scientists now.

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