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Became known, when to begin the colonization of the moon

Aerospace company is planning to send a habitation module in orbit, the satellite of the Earth already by 2022. Private space company Bigelow Aerospace claims that preparations have begun for the launch of the residential module to orbit the moon. The company said in a joint press release from United …

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Interesting facts from the colonization of Latin America. Photo

History is full of dark pages. After the Italian Explorer Christopher Columbus discovered America, in his footsteps followed many other discoverers. Who would have thought, looking at the current Spain, and especially Portugal, where it was two powerful colonial Empire. All the huge Brazil was Portuguese. Spain has established in …

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Named the basic conditions for the colonization of Titan

Titan is one of the main candidates for the colonization of people among all the celestial bodies in the Solar system.Scientists from the Institute of astrophysics of the state of Texas and the California Institute of technology decided to tell when humanity can count on the beginning of the colonization …

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