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Musk has promised to reveal new details of the colonization of Mars

Маск пообещал раскрыть новые подробности колонизации МарсаElon Musk will reveal SpaceX’s main goal.

Head of SpaceX Elon Musk on Twitter promised to reveal new details of ITS system (Interplanetary Transport System), designed for the colonization of Mars, presented a year ago.

“Major improvements and some unexpected applications will be disclosed on Friday at the conference IAC2017 in Australia,” wrote the businessman.

The event IAC2017 (International Astronautical Congress), the 68th Congress of the International Federation of Astronautics, will be held on 25-29 September in Adelaide (Australia).

The concept is represented by ITS Mask in 2016 at the 67th the same event, held in Guadalajara (Mexico). The ultimate goal of the program, the businessman sees the creation on the red planet fully Autonomous human settlement. The technical side of the project, about which he wrote “”, includes, in particular, the creation of superheavy reusable rockets and a large manned spacecraft.

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