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The scandal with the Ukrainian designer business in Crimea: new details

Скандал с бизнесом украинского дизайнера в Крыму: новые подробностиAndre tan told whether its stores in Crimea.

Ukrainian designer Andre tan has commented on the rumors that his stores are alleged to be working in the Crimea. The Network has spread information that the Ukrainian brand is represented on the territory of the occupied Peninsula.

According to Andre tan, and he doesn’t sell in the Crimea. “It is unfortunate that in the pursuit of sensationalism most often affects those who really are the most dedicated and works for the benefit of others. Andre Tan company provides a good work of people, and thousands of girls and women makes you happy and beautiful, thanks to new dresses. We are accused that we do business in the occupied territory in the Crimea, but it is absolutely not examining the facts”, — he stressed.

The designer said that the brand was first introduced on the Peninsula until the spring of 2014. “Until March of 2014 year our product was officially introduced in Crimea. At the moment we are not followed by sales in this region. It’s a shame to tears when you’re 15 years old dressed Ukrainian woman, and competitors do the “dirty slander”, — said the designer. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to Andre tan, shops democratic lines a.TaN by Andre Tan work in 16 Ukrainian cities, including Kiev, Odessa, Kharkiv and Lviv. Clothing is the official website of the brand.

The designer was supported by the fans of the brand who left him messages of support. “You done, criticism tempers, continue to create beauty,” wrote he in Facebook.

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