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Ukrainian drone attacks on Moscow and Crimea foiled – MOD

Two unmanned aerial vehicles were destroyed en route to Moscow in the early hours of Sunday, while at least half a dozen attempted to strike various targets in the Crimean Peninsula, the Defense Ministry said in a statement.  “The air defense repelled a drone attack on Moscow over the Istra district …

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Massive drone attack intercepted over Crimea

Russian air defenses brought down 20 drones in the early hours of Saturday over Crimea, the Defense Ministry has revealed, calling the incursion an attempted “terrorist attack” by Ukraine. The ministry wrote on Telegram that 14 UAVs were shot down, while six others were incapacitated by electronic warfare. “There were …

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Ukraine strikes bridges in Crimea with NATO-supplied missiles

Ukraine has launched a barrage of British-supplied Storm Shadow missiles at two bridges connecting the Crimean Peninsula to Russia’s Kherson Region, according to its acting governor, Vladimir Saldo. Some 12 missiles were fired during Saturday’s attack, with at least three making it through Russian anti-aircraft defenses, Saldo told Rossiya 24 …

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Ammo depot fire forces evacuation in Crimea

Crimean authorities have shut down a major highway and ordered the evacuation of four settlements in the immediate vicinity of an ammunition depot in the east of the peninsula, which “caught fire” on Wednesday morning. Crimean leader Sergey Aksyonov announced the plan to “temporarily evacuate residents of four settlements” at …

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Dozens of drones targeted Crimea – MOD

The Russian military has thwarted an attempted mass drone strike on critical infrastructure in the east of the Crimean Peninsula, according to the Defense Ministry, which claimed dozens of drones had been shot down or suppressed electronically overnight. “Seventeen Ukrainian UAVs were destroyed by air defense systems. Eleven more UAVs …

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Kiev failed to strike Crimea, other Russian regions – MOD

Ukraine made an unsuccessful attempt to attack three Russian regions with repurposed Soviet-era air defense systems on Sunday, the Defense Ministry in Moscow has said, adding that the barrage did not result in any casualties or damage. The Russian military added that one of the missiles was meant to hit …

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Several drones tried to attack Crimea – local leader

Five drones were shot down overnight over Russia’s Crimea, and four others were intercepted by means of electronic warfare and forced to land, the region’s leader Sergey Aksyonov has said. One of the destroyed UAVs crashed in the city of Dzhankoy in the north of the peninsula, Aksyonov said. Windows …

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Over ten Ukrainian drones attack Crimea – authorities

Over ten Ukrainian drones attempted to strike Crimea, Russia on Saturday night, Sevastopol Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev has said. The attack was repelled, and no damage was caused by the UAVs. In a Telegram message posted on Sunday, Razvozhaev reported that one drone had lost control and crashed in the woods; …

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Ukrainian drone attack repelled in Crimea

Several Ukrainian drones were brought down by air defenses in the town of Dzhankoy in Crimea late on Monday, local officials have said. Debris from the destroyed UAVs damaged a house and a shop in the area, the leader of the Republic of Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, wrote on Telegram on …

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