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The people of Kiev told where to spend this weekend

Киевлянам подсказали, где провести эти выходныеAt the weekend held a lot of concerts.


On Saturday 23 September at 19:00 at the NSC “Olympic” will pass a solo concert of Andrea Bocelli. At the moment it is the only Opera singer that collects around the world full stadiums. However, it is known not only as a performer of classical arias. Last year he released the album Cinema, which was nominated as best album of the year Grammy. It includes the songs heard in different films. For example, “the Godfather,” “Evita,” “Life is beautiful” and “the phantom of the Opera”. For sure you will hear songs which were performed by Elvis Presley, as these hits in solo performance Bocelli are leaders by the number of views on YouTube. In the first place this Can’t Help Falling In Love and Love Me Tender.

The audience expects not just a concert, and a great show. To all who come to the stadium, could see everything that happens on stage, the NSC will be set five led screens. The stage itself will be as huge as on tour George Michael and Depeche Mode, with the height of a five-story building. For quality sounding songs, the team of the singer carries a lot of equipment, because it is not there. Moreover, in the technical rider so all sorts of bells and whistles that the installation of all equipment began at the stadium six days before the concert.

Tickets: UAH 480-7000

Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya str., 55, tel. 287-87-87

Киевлянам подсказали, где провести эти выходные


Saturday, 19:00, at the Caribbean club the concert of the Belarusian group NaviBand, which this year performed at the Eurovision song contest in Kiev. And they even got to the final part, which is rare for artists from this country in the framework of this competition, and also became the first participants from Belarus, who sang a song in their native language, not Russian or English. They once again sing their hilarious song “Story of my life” as well as the winning song Jamala “1944”.

Tickets: 200-650 UAH

petlyury street, 4, tel. (067) 224-41-11)


On Sunday 24 September at 21:00 Docker pub concert Vasya Oblomov, who will perform mostly songs from the album “Mnogohodovochka” and new song “Carry he.Nude” in which he “rode the roller” on the Russian TV presenter and artist, screaming that Crimea is Russia, and supporting the DNI. In addition, will perform old hits — “Magadan” and “the happiness Letter”.

Tickets: 275-550 UAH

Bogatyrskaya str, 25, tel. (050) 358-55-13


On Friday 22 September at 19:00 in MonteRay Live Stage will host a concert of the Kiev group Latexfauna playing electronic music. In her Arsenal at the moment, only a dozen songs, but music critics and fans of this genre have already called musicians are not just a “breakthrough” and “opening”, and the best indie pop band in the country. In addition to performances, there will be a presentation of a new video for the song Lime, which was directed by Alexander Stekolenko, who shot the clips for “Ocean Elzy” and “Lyapis Trubetskoy”, and costume designer Lesya Patoka, creating images for ONUKA, Maneken and Ivan Dorn.

Tickets: 200 UAH

Proreznaya street, 8, tel. (067) 223-06-44


Friday at club Indigo at 22:00 – concert of the singer Alekseev. In addition to the hits “Drunk sunshine” and “Pliva have shown” who already know everything, he had a few new songs — “Feel the soul” and “Fly” from the repertoire of Sofia Rotaru. With this composition he performed at the festival “Heat”, where one day was dedicated to the anniversary of the singer. Unlike the original Alekseev made her very melancholy. But this style has become his thing.

Ticket price: 250 UAH

Kudryashova str, 3 tel. 590-55-50

Киевлянам подсказали, где провести эти выходные


On Sunday 24 September at 20:00 Sentrum concert Warhaus. This is a side project of the leader of the legendary rock band Balthazar the Maarten Devolder. A few years ago, he had rented a boat called Warhaus and went on a journey through the tropical rivers. During this voyage he wrote a new composition. The result is a melancholic, soft music, a full detachment. Brazilian works included in the debut album of the newly created project called “We Fucked a Flame Into Being”, which was released exactly a year ago. In the manner of execution and format of its songs are reminiscent of Leonard Cohen, but without the hoarseness.

Tickets: UAH 440-750

Shota Rustaveli street, 11

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