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The Parliament may increase the size “children’s” money

Верховная Рада может увеличить размер «детских» денегIt is proposed to link the amount of payments to the subsistence level for a child up to 6 years

In Ukraine are preparing new rules for payments “children’s” money. The Verkhovna Rada registered a draft resolution on acceptance for a basis of the bill. Document number 5709 was submitted to Parliament in January of this year, parliamentary group (Tatyana Bakhteyeva, Igor Shurma (both from the Opposition bloc), Alexander Bilovol (“Renaissance”), etc.).

The bill proposes to change the formula for calculating payments for child birth.

Now the happy parents receive a fixed sum — 41 280 thousand UAH. But one-time to give a hand only 10.3 thousand UAH. The rest is divided in equal installments for three years.

Deputies propose to link the amount to the subsistence level for a child up to 6 years (from may 1 this year — 1426 hrn.). Young parents want to pay at least 52 of these (74.2 thousand UAH.) for the first child, 70 minimum (99.8 thousand UAH.) — for the second, 120 (171,1 thousand UAH.) for the third one.

However, the money will be given immediately: the birth of a child 15-40 lows, and the rest, as now — over the next three years.

The bill also stipulates that the right to care for a child under three years of age have as a mother or father and next-of-kin.

The authors of the project believe that increasing the amount and protecting it from inflation (the living wage is constantly being revised), will help to increase the birth rate in the country.

The draft parliamentary decision this paper proposes to take as a basis, but first to correct it. The list of these adjustments, the proc is not announced.

It is possible that the bill “will marry” with alternative No. 5709-1, which was registered in the Verkhovna Rada in February this year the Deputy from BPP Ruslan Are. It proposes to bind the baby as the payment has not to a living wage and the minimum wage (3.2 thousand UAH.) and pay a one-time 5 minimum wages (16 thousand) plus every month for 3, 2 thousand UAH. in the next three years. That is, a total of 131.2 thousand UAH. which is three times more than now and almost double than proposed in the base bill.

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