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The existence of dark energy questioned

Существование темной энергии поставили под сомнениеCosmologists have created a new model of the Universe.

The expansion of the Universe follows from the fact that the speed of galaxies receding from the milky Way, increases with the distance to them. According to the Hubble law, the distance can be determined by the red shift in the spectrum of the galaxy, resulting from the Doppler effect. To calculate this, you need to know the Hubble constant. It works by comparing the brightness of type Ia supernovas in close galaxies, the distance to which is known.

However, it appeared that in remote galaxies the brightness of type Ia supernovas is lower than expected from the calculated using the Hubble constant distances. Based on this, the cosmologists concluded that the universe is expanding with acceleration. Scientists hypothesized that the reason for this is dark energy that uniformly fills space. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

In their paper, the researchers from the Budapest University questioned the existence of dark energy and suggested an alternative explanation. They argue that the traditional cosmological models are based on approximate solutions of equations of the General theory of relativity, and therefore do not consider the impact of large-scale structure of the Universe. According to scientists, it can serve as the reason that cosmologists needed to introduce in these models the dark energy.

Scientists have developed a computer model in which the universe, as in reality, has a cellular structure. Galactic filaments and dark matter are the “walls” of cells, and inside the last a called voids — empty space containing no galaxies and their clusters. The researchers followed a simulation of the evolution of this structure and found that different areas of space expanding at different rates. Average speed corresponds to the observed rate of expansion of the Universe.

If this finding is confirmed, it can have a significant impact on the development of cosmological models.

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