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The eruption on the Sun affect the Earth

Извержения на Солнце влияют на ЗемлюEruptions on the Sun can be dangerous for the inhabitants of the Earth.

Sure scientific researchers from Durham University in the UK who conducted a 3D study of eruptions on the sun.

Scientists have studied the processes of emission of hot hydrogen and other gases from the depths of the Sun and divided them into two groups: inactive and intense. In a period of intense eruptions of red-hot plasma at high speed leaves the surface of the Sun for hundreds of thousands of kilometers into space. Scientists believe that seismic activity on the sun occurs during the process, magnetic “reconnection”, where the magnetic poles change their own polarity.

The appearance of the eruption, you can determine the strength and structure of the magnetic field around a plasma filament. According to experts, the study of these processes should be important for humanity, as electromagnetic radiation eruptions from the Sun can disrupt satellite communications, which will lead to the death of the astronauts.

Previously, scientists have found that Mars has a volcano, which erupted more than two billion years. This became known thanks to the analysis of fragments of meteorites that had come from the red planet. The oldest of them has an age of 2.4 billion years ago — 500 million. Scientists believe that Mars could be a long eruption of the volcano, sending pieces of material into space.

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