Thursday , September 24 2020
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The Moscow stock exchange collapsed in the opening trade

At the opening of trading on the Moscow stock exchange today, March 10, the dollar rose to 72 rubles 77 kopeks, Euro up to 82 rubles 60 kopecks. The RTS index — minus of 13.57%. As reports “Says Moscow”, the Action “Rosneft” have fallen by 12.2%, “Gazprom” — by 12.8%, …

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Than Russian trade

For economic relations with the outside world leaving the 2010s, can confidently be called the lost decade. Information about Russian international trade is more difficult to fraud than any internal options, whether they involve industry, the level of consumption, say, or housing. More interesting to compare the just-published report on …

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Canada in the trade war against China

The conflict between the Chinese Huawei and the US government lasts more than 10 years only in the open phase. In the Pentagon report in 2008 recommended “to limit or prevent access to Huawei’s American information and network resources… state or a military nature“ In 2010, the U.S. Congress classified …

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What threatens Russia trade war between the US and China

To some it may seem that a trade war between the US and China, does Russia not concerned. Well, what? This disassembly. We cares about them? There are those (let’s call them optimists) who believes that Russia will only benefit from all this history, because, for example, the United States …

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