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Schulte table for the skill of speed reading

Schulte table is a completely random number (or other objects) designed to train the skills of speed reading, improvement of peripheral vision. Experts believe that the wide field of view reduces the time search informative components of texts.        Schulte table is an ordinary piece of white paper, …

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Harper TL-PB777 – table lamp wirelessly

What unites the student, fan of Warhammer and the Amateur night reading? All of them need a good light source. The ubiquity of LEDs affected and table lamps, making them more economical and bright. However, a major inconvenience for me personally, remained the fact that table lamps continued to be …

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Xiaomi has released the table for gamers

Affiliate product is brand Loctek focused on competitive players. Table Xiaomi’s button can change the height for comfortable work. It is suitable for sitting and standing. The table is equipped with an actuator which raises and lowers the work surface with a speed of 2.5 cm per second. Process is …

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In Russia abolished the periodic table

Periodic law discovered by Russian chemist Dmitry Mendeleev, stops working at the 112th chemical element (copernici), reports RIA Novosti news Agency the statement of the supervisor of the laboratory of nuclear reactions joint Institute for nuclear research (Dubna, Russia) Yuri Hovhannisyan. “At first we thought that the periodic law will …

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First League: FC Volyn single-handedly led the table

Played matches fourth round of the championship of Ukraine on football among clubs of the First League. Another goal of Denys Kozhanov brought “Volyn” minimal victory over the “Avant-garde”, and an unexpected homemade misfire “Dnepr-1” in the principal match against “Metallist-1925” made the club out of luck the sole leader, …

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Named the most harmful dish of the Christmas table

The most frequently health problems create salads, dressed with mayonnaise or sour cream. Than later, this salad was eaten, the more likely they are to get poisoned. New year’s feast in itself dangerous and quite difficult tolerated by the body because of the abundance of various dishes and drinks that …

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