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Tucker Carlson spotted in Moscow – media

American journalist Tucker Carlson has spent several days in Russia and even took in a ballet performance at the iconic Bolshoi Theatre, Telegram channel Mash reported on Saturday, sharing several photos of the conservative commentator. Carlson allegedly touched down at Vnukovo airport on a Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul on …

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‘A good Russian is a dead Russian’ posters spotted in UK

Britain’s Communist Party has called on authorities to “act swiftly” against posters depicting Russians as pigs and calling for their deaths. The communists – who view the war in Ukraine as a clash of capitalist powers – said that the posters recall the Nazi-era persecution of Jews. The posters feature …

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Cheerleader of NATO wars spotted in Ukraine

French intellectual and philosopher, Bernard-Henri Lévy (commonly referred to as “BHL”), has an odd propensity for appearing alongside western proxy fighters in war zones. And new reports now place him on the ground amid the conflict in Ukraine.  The day after the February 24 launch of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, …

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‘Mystery hut’ spotted on dark side of Moon

The strange cube-shaped object was first spotted by the Chinese lunar expedition in November, China’s science outreach channel Our Space reported. The rover detected the object on the horizon some 262 feet (80 meters) away to the north as it was traversing the Von Kármán crater in the southern hemisphere …

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Comparing vaccine certificates to the Holocaust? Anti-lockdown Brits spotted wearing yellow Star of David badges

Purportedly taken at Saturday’s protest against Covid-19 restrictions in the UK capital, the photographs began circulating on Twitter, appearing in trending hashtags such as “Holocaust,” “Anti-lockdown” and “Covidiots.”  In one photo, a man is seen wearing a badge saying “Vacc. ID,” while another pair of presumed protesters sported yellow stars that …

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