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The gap of expectations and reality

Why in the 1990s came disappointment in the liberal project? Because the Soviet people wanted to live, as was shown in Hollywood films about Beverly hills, and continue to work as accustomed under socialism. This gap of expectations and reality. As with those two “Volga” Anatoly Chubais. “Volga” to wanted, …

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Belarusian innovation – myth or reality?

Belarusian innovation, as in the whole Belarusian economy, found its own, distinct from the way. And every day it becomes increasingly clear that this path is a dead end. Last Friday the state control Committee announced the results of innovative development of Mogilev region. As it turned out, over the …

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Google has unveiled a new augmented reality glasses

The Internet giant Google introduced to the public a modern augmented reality glasses Glass 2 Enterprise Edition has worked for more than a year. Compared to first generation price fell by 30% and battery capacity, on the contrary, increased. New Google Glass 2 Enterprise Edition cost exactly $ 1000, but …

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Parallel reality in a funny illustrations

If things were different. It seems incredible, but many physicists believe that somewhere in the Universe there is a parallel world in which almost everything is the same as ours. And while they’re looking for proof, the artists have fantasized on the subject and showed its vision of a world …

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