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In Nikolaev the woman broke her collarbone in a bus

The inhabitant of Nikolaev broke his collarbone during a trip in the bus May 12, in Nikolaev on korabelov Avenue, the woman broke his collarbone in the bus because of sudden braking. Bus 52 route went about korabelov Avenue Avenue side of the Epiphany in the direction of the plant …

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In Nikolaev the minibus crashed into a truck

The accident injured four passengers of the minibus. In Nikolaev on Wednesday, March 20, the Shuttle bus got in an accident. The driver lost control and crashed into a tree, injured four passengers. “March 20 at about 19:40 near the house 55 on the Avenue of the Central 20-year-old taxi …

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Mariupol and Nikolaev will connect the highway to four lanes

In 2020-2021 years to begin work on the construction of the highway between the Ukrainian port cities. The highway to four lanes will connect Mariupol, Berdyansk, Kherson and Nikolaev. This was stated by Minister of infrastructure Volodymyr Omelian, communicating with representatives of local communities, who noted the poor condition of …

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In Nikolaev stabbed the guy, intercede for sleeping

Sleeping wanted to Rob.PM, August 13, in Nikolaev there was a bloody incident in which the dangerous stab wound received by one person. Drama on crossing of streets of Volodarsky and the 9th Military. In street cafes, near a grocery store, rested the company of young people. At some point …

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Inhabitants of Nikolaev are scared strange “nuclear” cloud

The cloud associated with bad weather. In Nikolaev local residents noticed unusual huge cloud of pink. Pictures published Denis Cicinho in Facebook. The shape of the cloud resembles the so-called “nuclear mushroom”. This phenomenon occurs after a nuclear or thermonuclear explosion, also called a radioactive cloud. Some users even suggested …

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