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In Nikolaev stabbed the guy, intercede for sleeping

В Николаеве ударили ножом парня, заступившегося за спящего Sleeping wanted to Rob.

PM, August 13, in Nikolaev there was a bloody incident in which the dangerous stab wound received by one person. Drama on crossing of streets of Volodarsky and the 9th Military.

In street cafes, near a grocery store, rested the company of young people. At some point one of the young men noticed how asleep at the next table, men, unknown tries to remove a gold chain.

The youth tried to stand up for the sleeping drunk. However, the attacker was not alone with him were two more. In the ensuing conflict, one of them pulled out a knife and stabbed the man who had just approached the scene of the incident and also tried to stand up for drunk.

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The shot hit in the arm, but apparently nicked the brachial artery – the blood from the wound spurted literally a fountain. Before the arrival of “ambulance” the injured were assisted on the spot as best they could. Arrived “fast” urgently took the victim to the hospital. Judging by the bloody puddles on the ground and blood soaked clothes he lost over two liters of blood, so we are talking about saving his life.

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To a scene there arrived some crews of the patrol police. Police found signs of the attackers and started their search.

And here’s the one from whom it all began – the man took a gold chain, fell under the table, and as if nothing had happened continued to sleep.

В Николаеве ударили ножом парня, заступившегося за спящего

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