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The ghost of Lenin: Why didn’t Russia and Ukraine sort out their border issues when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991?

The search of the historical roots of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which culminated in Moscow’s attack last February, usually focuses on historic events. The Russian leadership has repeatedly emphasized that Ukraine expanded into historically Russian regions due to decisions taken by Soviet leaders, often contrary to the wishes of local residents. …

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Kremlin reveals plans for Lenin on Red Square

There is no intention to remove the body of former Bolshevik revolutionary Vladimir Lenin from his mausoleum on Red Square, and such a move won’t take place in the foreseeable future, the Kremlin has revealed. Speaking on Monday, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said there are “no such plans” to …

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Russia must take down its Lenin statues – top historian

Nikolay Svanidze, a historian and journalist known for his TV documentaries about Russian history, told news site Ura.ru that he thinks monuments to Lenin, commonly found across Russia, will be taken down sooner or later. He went on to say that this is the right decision. “I’m for taking down …

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Fist is a stigma, and the order of Lenin — the recognition

From denial of Stalinist repression to the denial of the coronavirus, and “flat Earth”: why Russians do not believe the facts that contradict their beliefs. Denialism — denial of reality, which is contrary to personal beliefs — has always existed, but now in Russia-prepared fertile soil, according to the panelists, …

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About Lenin without mysticism and propaganda

150th anniversary of the leader of the world proletariat coincided with one of the deepest crises of the capitalist system, the struggle to which he devoted his life. If you aim to understand a particular historical figure, the anniversary article for this, probably not the most suitable genre. However, in …

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In Germany will establish a monument to Lenin

In Germany, the court resolved to establish a monument to Lenin. A two-meter statue of the leader of the world proletariat will be in Gelsenkirchen at your office Marxist-Leninist party of Germany, reports Euronews. About his plans Marxists announced in mid-February. However, strongly opposed by the city authorities, citing the …

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Lenin and Trotsky: against the idea of the scheme. Part 2

Under the heading “Antiracism” we are completing the publication of the section on “Prospects for socialist revolution,” a monograph by V. A. Sakharov. In the previous fragment, Sugars clearly showed how Lenin rethink the practice of the Russian revolution and changes in the international environment. As a result of this …

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