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Joker vs Pennywise – fan-made CGI short film

Joker wakes up in Arkhemskaya hospital. Another day in prison – what could go wrong? But here his rest disturbs the flying itself is a red balloon… this means that the call is the sworn enemy of Batman threw himself Pennywise from Derry. Impressive idea, isn’t it? And it does …

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If the Joker was played by Willem Dafoe: creepy fan art

Last month based on rumors about the possible involvement of Leonardo DiCaprio in one of the Joker from the Studio Warner Bros., the Internet began to be born themed art. And looked Leo in this manner really well. But everything pales in comparison with the new fan version of the …

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A new look at DiCaprio as the Joker

At the end of August was rocked by the news that DC and Warner Bros. decided to shoot a new film about the Joker – Jared Leto, but with Martin Scorsese. Then thundered louder, the new Joker could be Leonardo DiCaprio! Of course, while all at the level of rumors, …

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How to look like Leonardo DiCaprio in the role of Joker?

This is not a random fantasy – rumors that the new Joker can become Leonardo DiCaprio, was born last week. It all started with the fact that the Studio Warner Bros. announced the beginning of developing a solo film about salatom the enemy of Batman. And as producer, the project …

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What a face: if the Joker is to connect with Freddy Krueger

Yesterday we talked about whether Leonardo DiCaprio become the new Joker, and today on the agenda is another question: how to call the character, combining the images of the Joker and Freddy Krueger? Jeddy? Or Jodi? Maybe Poker?.. To think about the nightmare on the streets of Gotham made Halloween …

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RUMOR: new Joker can become Leonardo DiCaprio

Sounds unbelievable, but… why not? A week ago we reported that the Studio Warner Bros. launched a solo film about the Joker – Jared Leto and bindings to existing kinokomedii DC. In the first place drew the attention of the figure of the producer of the project – Martin Scorsese. …

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