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Joker vs Pennywise – fan-made CGI short film

Joker wakes up in Arkhemskaya hospital. Another day in prison – what could go wrong? But here his rest disturbs the flying itself is a red balloon… this means that the call is the sworn enemy of Batman threw himself Pennywise from Derry.

Impressive idea, isn’t it? And it does not remain at the level of ideas, and was implemented by its author, by the Saruhan Saral, on his YouTube channel Mightyraccoon!. Short film made with the use of CGI graphics, and shone in the video not only the above-mentioned clowns, but also Batman, Harley Quinn and Jason Todd, the shape which appears Pennywise. The battle itself went driving and bloody, and the whole video that says “deliver”.

And for someone in a “batch” of whatever ails you?


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