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How to make hydrogen gasoline overpowered

Researchers from the University of British Columbia (UBS) developed a model of infrastructure supply hydrogen, which in just 30 years, will make the hydrogen car of the rare curiosities of everyday transport. In its report, the UBC researchers provide an analysis of the infrastructure necessary to support hydrogen vehicles in …

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Hydrogen car: the Future is near

10 years ago in the seventh episode of the season 12 Top Gear (then he led the Clarkson, Hammond and may) James may tested the electric car — the Honda Clarity. Then came an article by Jeremy Clarkson in which he talked about the fact that this story has not …

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Hydrogen blonde

Already in ancient times ladies were trying to attract the attention of men with unusual hair colors. Foreign travelers, who visited in Russia, describing the custom of Russian women on special occasions dye your hair red, has long been considered the most beautiful color. They rubbed in the head powdered …

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Audi has announced a hydrogen car

Mark will be the driver of this segment.Audi will develop the segment of hydrogen cars. Mark will be the driver of this segment in Volkswagen AG. The presentation of the first concept on hydrogen already planned for the current 2019. In the future, the production cars will be put into …

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Renewable hydrogen competitive today?

In the scientific journal Nature Energy recently published an article in which he argued that hydrogen generated from renewable electricity “is already competitive at a cost of” some “niches”. It is added that “full competitiveness” can be achieved in about a decade. These findings contrast with other work on renewable …

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Hydrogen cars will be affordable

Toyota expects a ten-fold increase Mirai production to 2025. Japanese automaker Toyota expects the automotive hydrogen fuel cells will be equal in price to a hybrid by 2025. As noted by Naomichi House, General Manager of business planning Toyota, by 2020, the company will establish production of a new generation …

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