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Hydrogen blonde

Already in ancient times ladies were trying to attract the attention of men with unusual hair colors. Foreign travelers, who visited in Russia, describing the custom of Russian women on special occasions dye your hair red, has long been considered the most beautiful color. They rubbed in the head powdered red clay. Of course, the paint was unstable, but she did not need.

In the East the perfect color was considered to be jet-black. Experiments with Basma began long before the Arab conquest. Basma and henna have become a real “weapon” of Eastern beauties, wishing to be like houris of Paradise. But these dyes stained only the surface of the hair, not soaking them.

French court has given the world the most expensive hair dye — one of the components was finely planed gold. But it turned out to be unstable.

Until the middle of this century, hairdressers have struggled to develop a paint that could compete with natural dyes and long on the hair, giving it the original color.

Nihilists suggested quite a radical solution: if we can’t change the hair color, then you just need to bleach it. Mindful of the once popular phrase “gentlemen prefer blondes”, millions of women rushed to the pharmacy for hydrogen peroxide. As a result, when in the modern world of gentlemen has become significantly less blondes proved to be too much, besides not natural, and “hydrogen”.

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