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The divers began studying the big blue hole

Blue hole is called a sinkhole, filled with water and located below sea level. The divers began studying the big blue hole, located 200 kilometres from Daydream island near the North-Eastern coast of Australia. In a water-filled karst funnel the divers found healthy colonies of coral polyps, although in the …

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This underwater cave has killed many divers. Photo

It is called “underwater graveyard.” This is one of the most famous places for scuba diving – located in the Egyptian Dahab, the famous “blue hall”. No accurate statistics, but over the last fifteen years there died not less than one hundred thirty people. The cause of these deaths was …

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As the work of traditional pearl divers. Photo

Curious about the profession of a diver for pearls. Pearl jewelry is the only material of animal origin. Unlike gemstones formed within the earth, pearls are formed in clams, for which a complex process of creating a solid, rounded material is only the consequence of a defensive reaction of the …

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Incredible photo shoot divers with sharks. Photo

The divers swam with a four-meter shark. These incredible pictures were made by 49-year-old photographer Steve Hinczynski in the Bahamas. A group of divers swam and touched a four-meter tiger sharks weighing 500 pounds, which are known for attacks on people. Among the group of divers was surfer Mike Coots, …

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