Thursday , November 26 2020
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‘Pure psyop’: Indian Army denies report that China used ‘microwave weapons’ to chase off its soldiers from disputed border

The claims about China using microwave weapons are “baseless” because “no such incident has taken place,” the Indian Army said, labeling the story from the UK newspaper The Times “fake news.” NDTV channel quoted an Indian official who further dismissed the story about China allegedly using microwave weapons against Indian …

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Trump denies Biden victory, promises legal action

The Associated Press declared Biden the winner on Saturday morning, after the former vice president expanded his lead over Trump in the crucial battleground state of Pennsylvania. Victory there pushed Biden over the 270 electoral votes necessary to secure the White House. In a statement released through his campaign, Trump …

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Ukraine’s Zelensky admits some EU members don’t want Kiev to join bloc, denies he’s afraid to negotiate directly with Putin

Especially given the political leaders who came to power in Kiev after the 2013-14 Maidan uprising have spent years telling the Ukrainian public that the sacrifices made since then were to make EU accession possible. What’s more, promises of eventual EU membership were behind the original ‘EuroMaidan’ protests themselves.  “Not all the EU …

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