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Created drone-bombers, destroying drones

Autonomous apparatus determines the target and crashes into them, to incapacitate. A canadian company has created AerialX drone bombers, which is able to disable other drones bumping into them. Apparatus for the destruction of the drones looks like a hybrid of a missile and drone. The machine is able to …

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Nigeria suicide bombers hit a market.

On Saturday, 2 December, suicide bombers hit a market in the town of Biu (Borno state, Nigeria), as a result, in addition to the two militants killed 11 civilians. The attack occurred when employees of humanitarian organizations distributed food to victims during war of the government with the jihadists of …

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On the DPRK, flew American bombers

American bombers conducted exercises. Two American bomber B-1B, based on the island of GUAM, conducted a training flight over the Korean Peninsula. About it reports Reuters with a reference to the U.S. air force. “The mission of the bilateral permanent presence of the bombers was planned in advance … and …

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In Syria following the attacks by ISIS suicide bombers killed 50 people

Terrorists blew up three vehicles Laden with explosives. According to available information, the suicide bombers detonated booby-trapped cars. The source claims that thundered three explosions. The number of injured was not specified. In turn, the Syrian Observatory for human rights reported at least 18 deaths. However, other Agency sources claim …

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US fighters intercepted Russian bombers

Aircraft of the United States, Belgium, Finland and Sweden was accompanied by the flight of a Russian Tu-22M3. Aircraft of NATO countries quickly reacted to the appearance of Russian long-range bombers Tu-22M3 bombers over the Baltic and Norwegian seas. This was reported in the defense Ministry. As noted in the …

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Compiled a list of potential suicide bombers of ISIS

As the defeat ISIS in the middle East more and more potential suicide bombers will try to come to Europe.International criminal police organization (Interpol) published a list of 173 of the terrorists of the Islamic state, which can send to Europe to carry out terrorist attacks in retaliation for the …

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