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PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds will be released on Android and iOS

Tencent decided, why not make an official pocket version PUBG. Success PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds are trying to repeat not only on computers but also on phones: mobile application stores Packed with clones of varying degrees of arrogance. Tencent decided: why not make an official pocket version PUBG? Reported by with …

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Fortnite turned into PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds

100 players will converge in a massive battle on a giant map. Every day the audience PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds is increasing so rapidly that only a fool does not understand: genre Battle Royale is now clearly in fashion. Here and Epic Games decided to diversify its multiplayer Fortnite popular PvP mode …

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Sold over ten million copies PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds continues to beat the popularity of other mastodons of Steam. All right, now, it seems, no one doubts that PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds can be considered a universally recognized hit, although the actual game hasn’t even made it to release. The developers said via Twitter that at the moment — …

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PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds — best selling game in 2017

Circulation PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds exceeded eight million copies. PlayerUnknown’shooter’s Battlegrounds once again shows everyone who the folder in 2017. And it’s not just the number of copies sold, but in the Steam stats. The Creator of the game Brendan Greene (Brendan Greene) published in his “Twitter” boastful screenshot: at some point …

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Release PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds delayed

Release is still scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2017. As says the main inspiration PlayerUnknown’s Battlgrounds Brendan Greene (Brendan Greene), the game is not going to forever be stuck in “Early access”, as do other popular multiplayer activity from the same section of Steam. But the original plan still …

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Published minimum system requirements PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds

Requirements was quite high even by the standards of modern games. The company Bluehole has published the minimum system requirements his new game Playerunknown”s Battlegrounds. Despite the release of the game in early access about a month ago, the official system requirements appeared only recently. Minimum system requirements PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds: …

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