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The creators PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds ahead of the company that created the Witcher

Создатели PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds обогнали компанию, создавшую ВедьмакаStudio of young designers is more expensive than the creators of the legendary franchise.

It is difficult to argue — which is in early access multiplayer survival simulator PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds took the gaming community by storm. Brighter words about this I can only say the numbers: in six months the game has sold more than 10 million copies, has set an absolute record for simultaneous online (more than half a million people) and brought a lot of money to its Creator Brendan Greene. But most of the success PUBG won the developer Bluehole, has become one of the most expensive studios in the world.

Over the past three months, the capitalization of the company Bluehole Studios has grown more than five-fold, and its founder Chang Beng-Gyu (the owner of 1/5 of the shares in the office) has become a dollar billionaire. Now the Studio is negotiating with Chinese telecommunications company Tencent, is about to release games for the untapped market of China. In addition, after the full launch of the Battlegrounds on the PC and Xbox One, Bluehole plans to port the game on Sony PlayStation 4.

Of course, the success of the game could not affect the market value of Bluehole Studio. According to Bloomberg, now the company is estimated at $4.6 billion. For comparison, Capcom’s market value is $1.8 billion, the Polish Studio CD Projekt Red estimated at $2.3 billion (according to unofficial data the cost CDPR has already reached the level of $3 billion), and the giant Square Enix is worth $3.8 billion. Thus, Bluehole Studios is one of the most expensive ignoreendian companies in the world, significantly behind only the largest and most influential “heavy hitters” of the industry, like Electronic Arts and Activision with their $14 billion and $18,9 billion, respectively.

It should be noted that reputable analysts are not confident in the future success PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds. They note that the current popularity of the project is not a guarantor of long-term profitability, and no Bluehole, especially from Brendan green has no experience in long-term support for user interest in the product. Experts believe that if there’s another “chipawa” game — ratings PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds can severely suffer. While a direct competitor PUBG have only one free application “battle Royale” for Fortnite, that on the day of release was visited by over a million people. And some are already working on more ambitious projects of similar genre.

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