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Who is the detained US journalist that Elon Musk is asking Biden and Zelensky about?

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Russia not asking for sanctions removal – Lavrov

Moscow is not asking for the lifting of sanctions, but urges Western states to fix the problems they have created on the global food market, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Sunday. “We are not asking for the removal of sanctions – those are problems that deserve to be dealt …

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National School Board Association backtracks after asking White House to label dissident parents ‘domestic terrorists’

The US National School Board Association (NSBA) issued a lengthy apology on Friday, acknowledging to members that a controversial letter to President Joe Biden “regarding threats and acts of violence against school board members” included inflammatory language while apologizing for the poorly worded missive. “On behalf of the NSBA, we …

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‘The Reason I Jump’ is a stunning film (& not just for parents of autistic youngsters) that leaves us all asking ‘what’s normal?’

In just 82 minutes of his just-released documentary, The Reason I Jump, director Jerry Rothwell contributes more to understanding autism for parents, like myself, who have children affected by this infuriatingly puzzling condition, than the busload of experts we have met over the last 20-odd years.  Focusing on the lives …

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